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Citrine - Stone of Prosperity
Attracts money
Helps financial matters
Decision making
Energising,cleansing & eliminating
Compassion & sharing
Very positive, optimistic.
Nerves & chronic fatigue
Clear Quartz - The Master Healer
For any condition
Clear thought & focus
Clears blockages
Clears negativity
Can see future
For higher awareness
Builds strength
Crazy Lace Agate - The Solution Giver
Processing & sorting out problems
Finding paths & solutions
Finding a way to make changes
Stability & strength
Practical solutions
Stomach & digestive problems
Skin & intestines
Dalmatian Stone - Breaking Down Stone
Breaks down barriers
Old ways & illusion
Finding true purpose
Stops guilt & overbearing
Finding alternatives
Helps foresee the future
Helps attraction, love
Digestion, gallstones
Dumortierite - Stone of Wealth & Prosperity
Prosperity, faith &
Friends & family
Stronger relationships
Patience & communication
Calming & settling
Peace with yourself & life
Fire Agate - The Action Stone
Natural agate dyed orange
Warm & energizing
Great change
Sorting through problems
Getting things done
Self confidence & motivating
Concentration, perception
Garnet - Regeneration Stone
Sturdy beginnings
Hope & motivation
Self control
Blood & arteries
Helps libido
Green Garnet - The Gut Instinct Stone
Intuition & gut instincts
Trusting your instincts
Expressing true feelings
Accepting yourself
Bringing in abundance
Activating & achieving
Helps see issues properly
Hematite - The Stone of Strength
Grounding Stone
Pain relief , relieves tension
Strengthens bone & muscle
Creates change
Good for relationships
Character building
Honey Calcite - Stone of Self Forgiveness
Loving yourself
Stops self blame & hate
Forgives past issues
Confidence, hope & optimism
Expands consciousness & opens mind
Good for students & children
Helps calcium levels
Patience & understanding
Loving & caring
Caregivers & counsellors
Connects parents to child
Communication & love
Relationships & addictions
Sleep & migraines
Jet - Good Luck in Business Stone
Clear seeing & focus
Set goals & prevent failure
Protection against dark forces
Calming & balance
Lightens our spirits
Scrying & telepathy
Magical talisman
Kambaba Jasper - The Spirit Stone
Powerful stone of magic
Makes spells more potent
Looking deeply into things
Staying objective & separated
Find information on spirits
Looking at past for future
Labradorite - The Magician
Magic, surprise & intensity
Focuses energy for good
Universal spirituality
Sacred spaces
Wish fulfillment
Lepidolite - The Emission Eater
Clears harmful emissions
Helps moving forward
Spiritual awareness
Pain killer
Unravels problems
Obsessiveness & addictions
Light Yellow Quartz - The Childlike Stone
Soft, childlike energy
Uplifting, warm & giving
Cheeky element of fun
Joy back to heart
Contentment & light again
Asthma, bronchitis
Respitory ailments
Mangano Calcite - The Loving Stone
Teaches us love
Forgiveness & change
Softens hurt & bitterness
Sexual abuse & trauma
Smoothes rough edges
Gentle & accepting
Resolves pointless conflict
Mookaite - The Adventure Stone
Warm & grounding
Liver & blood purifier
Emotional change
New outlooks
Adventure & travel
Protection & strength
Motto Grosso Jasper - Stone of Self Release
Strength, stability & gentle
Facing painful issues
Suppressed memories
Overcoming struggle
Releasing emotional blocks
Stops repeating patterns
Brings about change
New Jade - The Achieving Stone
Builds strength & character
Achieving impossible goals
Helps with challenges
Sorts problems to move on
Serenity, harmony & balance
Clears negativity
Onyx - Grounding Stone
Foundation then development
Steady & strong
Helps with trust
Self control & wise decisions
Bones, limbs & tissue growth
Good after surgery
Petrified Wood - Stone of Strength & Grounding
Strong & earthy
Bones, breathing & circulation
Builds physical strength
Grounding & calming
Protection for accidents, infection
Record keeper for the earth
Journey work & past lives
Good luck
Pink Agate - The Soft Calming Stone
Beauty & softness
Angelic realms
Calming & loving
Calms children & babies (teething)
Helps parent/child connection
Accepting yourself
Breathing letting in life
Pink Opal - The Rescue Remedy
Maternal, warm & giving
For despair & sorrow
Contentment & sweetness
Strong & grounding
Helps victim mentality
Helps when scattered
Steadying & nourishing
Good for diabetics
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