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Porcelain Agate - Stone of Purity
Soothing & delicate
Peace & understanding
Balancing emotions
Helps with changes
Emotional pain & trauma
Worthiness & self love
Rids self induced negativity
Helps in trusting others
Prehnite - The Harmony Stone
Relaxing & calm
Sleep disorders
Spiritual & meditative
Universal realms
Lungs & breathing
Good Feng Shui
Pyrite -- Stone for the Senses
Mental alertness & memory
Sensory perception
Depth of understanding & intellect
Bones and spine
Can predict misfortune
Encourages understanding
Quartz with Chlorite - Stone of the hidden world
Environmental, nature spirits
Seeing the future
Self realization, enjoying life
Recalling past life's
Clearing & purifying
Courage, helps expression
Cooling & relaxation
Rainforest Jasper - The mirror
Self exploration
Mirrors problems
Sorts anger & pain
Brings change
Very nurturing
Past life healer
Red Jasper - Back to Earth Stone
Getting started
Getting the job done
Physical & Male
Earthy & natural
Physical repair
Practical solutions
Helps Artist creativity
Red Tiger Eye - The Nobility Stone
Power strength & nobility
Realizing your strengths
Builds character
Warmth & energizing
Softens stubbornnness
Makes thought more clear
Helps finances & security
Rhodochrosite - The Vitality Stone
Restores vitality
Stimulating & passionate
Confidence & fortitude
Acceptance of self
Stops denial & restrictions
Change & opportunity
For trauma & old pains
Asthma & circulation
Rose Quartz - Love & Strength Stone
Unconditional love
Light, joy & beauty
Caring & expressive
Helps see love
Imaginative & artistic
Calms anger & tempers
Serpentine - The Heart Mop
Protective talisman
Clears a murky heart
Gentle & soft
Rids worthlessness
Helps forgiveness
Smooth skin & hair
Shattuckite - Stone of deep meditation
Stone of deep meditation
Harmony & mind energy
Gentle & easing
Psychic visions, interpretation
Channeling & protective
Past life curses
Extraterrestrial communication
Manifesting change
Alleviates fear & depression
Smokey Amethyst - The peace stone
Peace & tranquility
Beauty & acceptance
Love & sharing
Moving forward
Absorbs negativity
Positive choices
Smokey Quartz - The Celtic Warrior
Powerful protection
Grounding & strength
Repells negativity & fears
Stops detructive urges
Develops Psychic visions,
Wisdom of the Earth
Survival Instinct
Achieving potential
Snowflake Obsidian - The new outlook stone
Surfaces problems/fears
Step by step healing
Rids outdated patterns
Reviels unknown capabilities
Helps balance
Motion sickness
Sodalite -The medic Stone
Relieves depression
Helps fears & anxiety
Calming, harmony & joy
Helps expression & communication
Self confidence & belief
Helps malignant diseases & toxins
Helps eyes & body tissue
Spectrolite - The Quest Stone
A magical stone
Helps see future
Trust & forgiving
Can give love
Happiness to life
Spiritual awakening
Intuition & imagination
Sphalerite - Stone of Great Change
Change change change
Helps major decisions
Complete projects
Power stone, lightning energy
Intuition & psychic ability
Protection, strength & money
Balances male/female
Spotted Agate - The Seer
See clearly
Seeing future events
Seeing danger approaching
Developing Clairvoyance
Soft & mystical
Spotted Jasper - The pathways stone
Staying on track
Understanding change
Organizing life
Unlocking puzzling problems
Past life healing
Helps problems with blood
Stichtite in Serpentine - Stone of Liberation
Stops you making same mistakes
Manifests change
Caring & peaceful
Liberates spirit
Provides companionship
Sunstone - Stone of Bright Sunny Thoughts
Uplifting, energizing & vitality
Happy, joyful & playful
Antidepressant, rids negativity
Encourages optimism
& enthusiasm
Reflects back overbearing people
Self empowerment & independence
Stops procrastination
Good luck, fortune & abundance
Tiger Eye -Stone of Inner Strength
Courage & belief
Stabilizing & protective
For arduous tasks
Change & decision making
Mental disorders
Good for Children
Optimism & humour
Tiger Iron - The Energizer
Incredible energy
Strength & power
Positive masculine traits
Confidence & will power
Protection & good luck
Helps sensitive people
For nerves & busy lives
Tree Agate - The Nature Stone
Connection to nature
Helps all plants
Balances & calms heart
Stability & peace
Abundance & plentitude
Blood vessels & nerves
Breathing & pain relief
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