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Spiritual awakening
Finding universal love
Peace & tranquility
For negativity & tension
Accepting & compassion
Love & fertility
Sleep & headaches
Consciousness & awareness
Peace & tranquility
Connects to higher realms
Thought & communication
Wholeness & healing
Breathing & bronchial
Apache Tears - Stone of Security
Warm & protective
Sheild against negativity
Strengthens ego & self
Helps healing process
Helps us to flow & expand
Good luck in business
Clear vision & psychic powers
Relaxation & nerves
Helps you to be yourself
Keeping your cool
Friendship & relationships
Calms babies
Aventurine - The self love stone
Loving yourself
Emotional & physical scars
Skin complaints
New life paths & opportunities
Environmental pollution
Astrophyllite -The past clearer
Clears negative past
Helps to move on, see the light
Perseverance pays off
Counseling & self forgiveness
Helps mental illness
Helps see life's purpose
Strengthens energy field
Interdimensional communication
Black Tourmaline - The Protector
Protection from negative people,
spirits or situations
Calms excessive emotions
Good in crisis or trauma
Good when moving or travelling
Debilitating or chronic disease
Sexual guilt/problems
Realigns physical body
Bloodstone -The Courage stone
Victim mentality
Less clingy, more confident
Grounds your views
Acceptance & gratitude
For soft tissue & body organs.
Blue Apatite - The Compassion Stone
Caring & compassionate
Love & communication
Service, humanitarian, healing
Self expression, art, music
Intellect & knowledge
Stimulates psychic ability
Blue Chalcedony - The Soft Peaceful Stone
Soft & peaceful
Calming & optimistic
Positive, removes hostility
Nurturing & good will
Speaking up for yourself
Good for dreams, telepathy
Sore throats & respiratory
Blue Goldstone - The Mardi gras Stone
Develops individuality
Partying & mardi gras
Being yourself
For shy teenagers
Confidence & creative
Blue Howlite - The Mind Calmer
Helps sleep & calms mind
Purity and understanding
Peace & calming
Puts thoughts into action
Accepting yourself
communication & expression
Memory & imagination
Blue kyanite
Good for groups
Understanding through communication
Levels tension & negativity
Acceptance & clarity Meditation
Past life regression
Blue Opal - The Group Stone
Tranquility and Calmness
Belief in self
Lucid dreaming
Feminine stone
Past life healing
Good for communication
Blue Smithsonite - Stone of relaxation
Relieves tension & stress
Anxiety, obsessiveness & panic
Mental breakdown & childhood trauma
Clears unwanted thoughts
Helps communicate feelings
Relationships & dreams
Birthing stone & good for babies
Angelic stone of love & peace
Blue Tiger Eye - The Friendship Stone
Energy in communicating
Maintaining friendship
Character & confidence
Helps depression &
life outlook
Discipline & concentration
Helps inhibitions
Wealth & security
Bronzite - Stone of Self Esteem
Helps self esteem & courage
Overcome negativity & bitterness
Being certain & decisive
Stops you blaming others
Clears thought process.
Helps see results of planning
Helps vigor & regeneration
Bullseye Agate - The logical stone
Understanding & reason
Logical solutions
Calms emotions
Positive communication
Breaks down barriers
Carnelian - The Friendly One
Warmth & friendly
Forgiveness, faith & trust
Strength of character
Seeing others intentions
Stops repeating mistakes
Chalcedony (Ipswich) - Stone of inspiration
Overcoming despair & depression
Nurturing & soothing
Uplifting & positive
Contentment & stability
Removes hostility & anger
Good for bad dreams & nerves
Transmission & telepathy
Group negotiations
Charoite - Spiritual healing stone
Opens third eye, intuition
Calming & soothing
Confronting past issues
Spirituality & life's purpose
Meditation & psychic abilities
Good in emergencies
Good for children, dreams & healers
Chevron Amethyst - The De-stress stone
Perspective & goals
Seeing future
Alleviates pressure
Sets paths
Helps co-operation
Good for planning
Chiastolite - Stone of Re-alignment
Transitions & change
Orientation & balance
Rationality & grounding
Problem solving & decision making
Freedom & harmony
Gateway to mysteries
Connects to ‘other side’
Chrysocolla - Mother Earth Stone
Stone of the earth & forrests
Clears paths for change
Calming, nurturing & cooling
Helps harmony & balance
Eases pressure & guilt feelings
Detoxifies liver & kidneys
For digestion lungs & breathing
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