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New Jade - The Achieving Stone
Builds strength & character
Achieving impossible goals
Helps with challenges
Sorts problems to move on
Serenity, harmony & balance
Clears negativity
Pink Agate - The Soft Calming Stone
Beauty & softness
Angelic realms
Calming & loving
Calms children & babies (teething)
Helps parent/child connection
Accepting yourself
Breathing letting in life
Pink Opal - The Rescue Remedy
Maternal, warm & giving
For despair & sorrow
Contentment & sweetness
Strong & grounding
Helps victim mentality
Helps when scattered
Steadying & nourishing
Good for diabetics
Porcelain Agate - Stone of Purity
Soothing & delicate
Peace & understanding
Balancing emotions
Helps with changes
Emotional pain & trauma
Worthiness & self love
Rids self induced negativity
Helps in trusting others