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Rainforest Jasper - The mirror
Self exploration
Mirrors problems
Sorts anger & pain
Brings change
Very nurturing
Past life healer
Red Jasper - Back to Earth Stone
Getting started
Getting the job done
Physical & Male
Earthy & natural
Physical repair
Practical solutions
Helps Artist creativity
Red Tiger Eye - The Nobility Stone
Power strength & nobility
Realizing your strengths
Builds character
Warmth & energizing
Softens stubbornnness
Makes thought more clear
Helps finances & security
Rhodochrosite - The Vitality Stone
Restores vitality
Stimulating & passionate
Confidence & fortitude
Acceptance of self
Stops denial & restrictions
Change & opportunity
For trauma & old pains
Asthma & circulation
Rose Quartz - Love & Strength Stone
Unconditional love
Light, joy & beauty
Caring & expressive
Helps see love
Imaginative & artistic
Calms anger & tempers