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Apophyllite - Stone of the 3rd Eye
Opens third eye with amazing results
Helps ‘see’ our problems
Great for astral travel or scrying
Opens up new worlds
Helps intuitive decision making
Make life clear & with meaning
Unlocks ancient mysteries
Aragonite - The Wise Old Stone
Anchient stone, old growth forrests
Warming & energizing
Grounding, steady & calm
Stomach complaints
Good for overworkers
Anger & emotional stress
Conservation & geopathic stress
Aragonite - The Wise Old Stone
Anchient stone, old growth forrests
Warming & energizing
Grounding, steady & calm
Stomach complaints
Good for overworkers
Anger & emotional stress
Conservation & geopathic stress
Clear Calcite - The clear thinking stone
Clear thought & thinking
Helps with change & seeing future
Uplifting & pure
Frees blockages, pain & sorrow
For past or parallel life problems
Good detoxifier & crystal antiseptic
Helps with material gain
Elestial Quartz - Stone of spiritual balance
Emotional balance & clarity
Psychic ability & awareness
Communication with other realms
Revealing your purpose
Patience, love & understanding
Reawakening earth consciousness
Blood, circulation & addictions
Olivine - The emotional pain killer
Clears emotional pain
Self love & confidence
Purity of thought
Not blaming others
Helps relationships
Protective & good luck
Healing physical pain
Smokey quartz with rutiles
Filters specifically when
mental health issues
are a problem.
Protects while it clears.
Dravite (Mt Isa Qld)
These unique looking black tourmaline clusters, very anchient looking & becoming more difficult to sourse.
Reading: Truth, clear thinking,clear seeing.
Powerful scrying tool. Can
develop psychic abilities. Can help
overcome fears related to
darkness. This stone is good for
bone structure especially the
spine & rib cage.
Flourite Natural octohedren
Can help with depression
& mind problems. Will enable
you to overcome fears and
move forward.
These specimans of epidote come from hartz ranges region of Northern Territory
Reading :Takes away prickly feelings
of rejection & resentment.
Can allow you to see more
clearly & feel more confident.
Can eliminate wasted emotion
to allow positive feelings to
come through.
Clear quartz cluster with phantoms
Great protection, calms anger, helps balance
feelings. Can help to protect you from angry people by deflecting it back to them.
Needle calcite
Able to calm feelings of hurt & accept yourself for who you are. Helps you to
appreciate yourself
Beutiful green crystal from S.A, Great depth & sparkle.
Reading: Spiritual growth & healing. Can help you to move through trauma. Helps to bring spiritual maturity & acceptance through love. Good for relaxation & sleep disorders. Helps to calm you and make you feel at peace.
Harlequin Quartz
Emotional release, enables you to connect with feelings of happiness & fun after a long period of depression.
Zebra agate (India)
Can help you to feel grounded & calm. Helps relieve tension headaches & over come stress &
depression. Allows you to filter your feelings when speaking to others to get your point across. Enables you to have clear channels to take in information.
Green Kunzite (Hiddenite)
Soul therapy, helps with bringing love back into your heart after many life times of being hurt.
Black ammonite (Peru)
Ammonite are about retrieval & recovery from past lives. Black Ammonites will help you on a deeper level of severe trauma.
Clear calcite

Reading: Fear & protection, this stone will offer you the confidence in yourself to know that you can achieve things.
Barite (Redcliff Qld)
Another unusual selenite like formation, unusual shape, havent seen these before.
Reading :Can help you to dissolve away bitterness & seething anger, to create harmony in yourself. Will wear through layers of anger to find the real you inside.
Green opalite (W.A)
This green form of moss opalite is a lot rarer than the more common white/yellow form from the same outback area of Western Aust. Stunning piece.
Reading :When coming to terms with loss this is a great heart softener. Can help reduce the pain of loss, restores faith back into your life so you can move forward.
Warmth, bright & sunny
Good gift of love
Protection, motivating & creative
Calming & soothing
Memory & intellect
Helps decision making
Connects you to nature
Blue Smithsonite - Stone of Relaxation
Relieves tension & stress
Anxiety, obsessiveness & panic
Mental breakdown &
childhood trauma
Clears unwanted thoughts
Helps communicate feelings
Relationships & dreams
Birthing stone & good for babies
Angelic stone of love & peace