Blue Smithsonite - Stone of Relaxation

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-Blue smithsonite is a standout stone that has a heavenly
feel that promotes universal love & peace. It is primarily a stone that helps to calm nerves & conditions of the mind such as nervous
breakdown, mental illness, anxiety, obsessiveness & panic attacks. It will help you to clear your mind to feel lighter.
   It will also penetrate deep into the heart & is an excellent crystal for trauma & crisis especially childhood trauma. The blue helps you to communicate more freely about these issues in general.
   The vivid blue & softness of this stone helps counteract all red related emotions such as anger, jealousy, spite, fear & resentment.
   Smithsonite is a traditional stone used by midwives for mothers giving birth (esp for caesarean). The calmness will be transmitted to the
newborn for the start of its life. Also good for regression - to
acknowledge the child from other lives.
   It is also good for relationships, friendships & for dreams & astral
travel. Helps access knowledge during dreams.
chakras : Throat & heart