Olivine - The emotional pain killer

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Olivine (Peridot cluster) is primarily connected with emotions. The most jewellery made during world war 1 & 2 was from peridot which is an indication of how it is connected to dealing  with emotional pain. It absorbs emotional trauma & for this reason needs to be cleaned regularly.

It eliminates negative  emotions & bad thoughts such as jealousy, selfishness, hypochondria, envy, greed etc. Being green/yellow it is connected to the stomach as well as the heart & so helps confidence, personal growth & love of self. Hold when feeling sad. It helps you to deal with emotional pain through its clarity which brings purity of thought & clear thinking - clear lucid thoughts of optimism which helps to bring to attention that which may be neglected.

Its clarity also helps intuition & meditation - staying true to path - a pure stone. This ability to handle emotions with clear pure thought  & love of self helps to penetrate through issues to deal with them & move forward - It helps you to stop blaming others & helps difficult relationships when one refuses to acknowledge their part in the problem. Olivine (Peridot) provides protection from emotional trauma (In fact its the users own improved thought process that provides protection). Physically Peridot can clear physical pain & illness (great as an elixir) Helps clear liver & good for cold & flu. Peridot is good with Amethyst.

Charkas(s) - Heart & Stomach