Elestial Quartz - Stone of spiritual balance

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Elestial Quartz can be used to open up channels of communication with other realms. Whether it be past life or future lives, angelic or ancestral spirits. Either way it helps you to access these realms whilst remaining grounded, balanced & protected - this enables you to think freely & see your clear purpose & achieve emotional balance & clarity -

It can help stop repeated patterns of behavior. It lays the foundation of cosmic realization. It can help promote psychic ability & awareness. It can help to achieve balance through patience, love & understanding. Helps mental balance as well & so is good for schizophrenia, epilepsy, vertigo & drug addiction. It is able to protect & store information. It is also appearing more now to reawaken Earth consciousness in people - helps with Earth healing. Physically helps with blood, circulation & alcohol related liver condition.(Large pieces :Can help in creating magical space. Will help to raise power in a room or object)

Charkas(s) - Base & Crown