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Ribbon stone (Qld)
Beautiful example of this semi famous stone from Qld. Great polish showing characteristic swirl patterning. Nice large speciman
Reading :Come in contact with the wise one, will help you to develop your talents. Grounding & stable, enables you to see the wise one in yourself.
White quartz point (N.S.W)
Strong white quartz point from Kingsgate region in N.S.W. Less common speciman as Kingsgate is more renowned for its smokey quartz.
Reading :Energizer point can help with healing work to energize the practitioner. A holder of much information. Strong feminine knowledge.
Australian desert gypsum
This rare and unusual speciman comes from the desert regions of central Australia. Has amazing natural markings similar to the wind created formations on sand dunes. Great texture.
Reading :Helps you to complete tasks helps to keep your focus. To believe in yourself & your strengths.
Pink calcite N.S.W
Reading: Helps yo to connect with a higher realm in a gentle way. Good for when you want to connect with Angelic Realms
Pink Chalcedony N.S.W
Reading: Transition stone, good for moving from adulthood. From Maiden to Mother, from Mother to crone. Good for any change of life in females.
Clear calcite

Reading: Fear & protection, this stone will offer you the confidence in yourself to know that you can achieve things.
Reading :A loving peaceful energy, good to put in a room when there has been an argument where tempers have got out of hand.
Barite (Redcliff Qld)
Another unusual selenite like formation, unusual shape, havent seen these before.
Reading :Can help you to dissolve away bitterness & seething anger, to create harmony in yourself. Will wear through layers of anger to find the real you inside.
Bamboo coral (Tasmania Aust.)
Nice speciman, only one left, trying to get more.
Reading :This coral will help you to let go of the past & move forward. Will help you to leave old feelings behind that donít benefit you & move forward for change.
Thunder egg (Qld)
Reading :Creativity will blossom with the use of this stone. Helps to open imagination &
Limonite after pyrite
Rare specimans found by accident near a roadhouse in outback W.A. Nice cube clusters.
Reading :Determination, this stone will help you to see any project through to completion. Strong stone, very grounding
Graphite (W.A)
Great example of natural graphite from mine in Northern W.A. Great sheen & texture.
Reading:Good grounding energy good for mental activity. Very steadying, good to concentrate on things for long periods of time.
Black quartz with drusy (N.S.W)
Good collectors speciman, extremely dark smokey cluster, half covered by beautifully sparkling drusy. (From Kingsgate region northwern New South Wales)
Reading :Helps you to see more, can be used to help scrying. Magical stone, will help you to be more receptive.
Prehnite & Quartz

Reading :Helps you to create an emotionally peaceful place for yourself. Can help you to relax & feel contentment
Moss agate (N.S.W)
Nice example of the hard to get large moss agates from the Mt Jeruselem area of Northern N.S.W.
Reading :Emotions can become more balanced & stable with the help of this stone. It helps you to see things clearly & not over react.
Crazy lace agate (W.A)
Decent sized example of Australian lace agate from W.A. Hard to get this.
Reading :This stone helps you to develop your full potential. Helps you to express
yourself. Can help you when you need some direction. Helps to restore balance
Gypsum cluster (S.A)
Decent sized example of the type of gypsum found in the salt plains of Whyalla South Aust.
Reading : Can help with decision making. Helps you to get clear about what you want.
Quartz with graphite & chalcopyrite. (W.A)
Great collectors piece, great sparkle on both sides, one off speciman.
Reading :Helps with brain stimulation. Helps you to clear unwanted stuff & concentrate on what you need too.
Green opalite (W.A)
This green form of moss opalite is a lot rarer than the more common white/yellow form from the same outback area of Western Aust. Stunning piece.
Reading :When coming to terms with loss this is a great heart softener. Can help reduce the pain of loss, restores faith back into your life so you can move forward.
Chalcedony eyes in basalt
Lovely example of this stone from the lost valley region of Northern N.S.W.
Reading :Helps to give you that feeling of contentment. Helps you to relax & look at what you should feel grateful for.
Gypsum (S.A)

Reading :Female growth, for a big turning point in a womanís life. Is able to help you to see all of the opportunities in front of you.
Orange agate slice (Qld)
Another example of the very productive & diverse crystal from the Agate creek area of Northern Qld.
Reading:Sexually charged stone, helps you to enjoy sex, makes it feel nourishing like food. Helps you to accept your sexuality especially in men.
Rutilated smokey quartz point (N.S.W)
Nice clarity to this natuaral point from Northern N.S.W.
Reading:Opens you up, helps you to work with your intuition more. Helps you to develop the magical side of you.
Tin crystals (cassiterite)(N.S.W)
Nice sharp shine to these small but powerful tin crystal specimans from the Tigha region of northern N.S.W.
Reading :Heavy grounding stone good for when you have to be on guard & protected. Helps you to slow down & be aware of whatís around you
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