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White/clear selenite (Natrolite) (Bolton Vic.)
Beautiful pure flower shaped crystal from mountain region of Victoria.
Reading: Processing, clear thought
makes you make decisions on
things that have been
haunting you for a long time
Gypsum (W.A)
Beautiful speciman from W.A, like most things from W.A, hard to obtain.
Reading:Clears pathways to new thinking.
Makes you able to achieve
things with people & groups.
Can help you to elaborate
on ideas you already have.
Gallena (Broken hill N.S.W)
Nice example of galena cluster from Broken Hill region.
Reading :Business transactions. Good for
business deals when acquiring
property, developments
& new building projects
Stellerite (Tambar springs N.S.W)
Good example of Australian stellerite cluster from N.S.W.
Reading: Warm stone helps families
with children. Helps calm
emotions & create beautiful balance.
Helps children calm down.
Very calming.
Agate (Redcliff Qld)
Unusual agate from the seaside suburb of Redcliff, quite hard to obtain.
Reading :Filters, through seeing what
really is. Can be used to
amplify third eye seeing.
Can also be used to
express emotions
Honey calcite (Aust.)
Unusually shaped speciman, with good clarity on cleavage.
Reading: Good piece to use for focus,
good to be used as
Smokey Quartz double terminaters
These little gems are unique to Victoria, sharp points with good clarity.
Reading :Potent little talisman for
personal protection. Can open
your psychic ability.
Very potent.
Red jasper & hematite
Typical Australian colours in this decent sized slab from Northern Territory.
Reading :Male energy, grounded & strong. Helps you to get things done, using your logic & creativity.
Quartz with tin (N.S.W)
This unusual large agate half has a speckled effect due to the tin. Havent seen this before.
Reading:Steadying, grounding stone but also helps with opening ones mind. Can help when just starting your search for answers regarding your own spirituality.
These specimans of epidote come from hartz ranges region of Northern Territory
Reading :Takes away prickly feelings
of rejection & resentment.
Can allow you to see more
clearly & feel more confident.
Can eliminate wasted emotion
to allow positive feelings to
come through.
Blue chalcedony (Qld)
Beautiful soft blue cluster, wish i could get more of this, great healing piece.
Reading :Good for relaxation &
communication. Helps to
penetrate through family
problems so that lines
of communication can
become more free.
Brown tourmaline (W.A)
Amazing speciman, complete tourmaline piece terminated at both ends, traces of mica on sides, get one of these before they dissapear.
Reading :Can prepare you for
lifes road.Will help you to
keep going & find
what you want in life.
Petrified fern tree (Qld)
Approximately 250 million years old when qld was a temperate climate, this speciman has its front coated to highlight the trees strata rings.
Reading: Able to create firm foundation
for new projects. Very
steadying, helps when
creating new business to make
it secure & grounded.
Be there for the long haul.
Thunder egg (Mt Hay Qld)
Beautifully polished egg half from Mt hay region.
Reading: Forrest energy, relates to devas & earth spirits. Helps with communication to them.
Petrified wood (pentoxlyn)
Rare speciman from this extinct species. Unusual but distinct markings.
Reading: Ancient earth spirits is what this rock connects with. Ancient wood spirit magic.
Yellow apatite
Nice chunk showing crystaline structure of this particular type of apatite unique to West Aust.
Reading :Can help you to manifest change in your life by accepting it when it comes along. Helps you to digest information.
Travetine (Tas.)
Sliced specimans of Tasmanian travetine, intresting wave like pattern.
Reading :This stone has amazing healing qualities is able to help with any conditions
connected with stomach complaints.
Agate creek agate (Qld)
Rich red agate half, common to agate creek North Qld, well polished.
Reading :Creative energy starter. Will help you to get going & start creative projects.
black obsidian (Springbrook Qld)
Naturally tumbled black obsidian from south east Qld volcanic region.
Reading: Old medicine man, helps when trying to protect land or object. Place an offering of this stone to protect places sacred to you. Can help to see things differently in
Peanut stone (W.A.)
Great stone from W.A, Aptly named & not common. Nice polished speciman.
Reading :Freedom, peace, tranquility.
Enables you to accept
change into your life. Can
help to promote acceptance
of new ideas & people
for your own growth.
Cloyna agate (Cloyna Qld)
Nice red agate unique to cloyna region Qld.
Reading: Helps to bring out personality
& be yourself. Can help you
to feel more confident &
able to communicate
with others.
Petrified wood (Wordoan Qld)
Ancient lookink petrified wood, natural smooth texture, black with some pink colouring.
Reading: Beautiful grounding stone,
helps you to connect with
the Earth. Helps people who
may live in the clouds to much
to bring them back to Earth.
Stabilises & calms.
Ribbon stone (Qld)
Beautiful speciman of this unusual stone, well polished.
Reading:Helps people to create &
develop new possibilities in
their lives. Helps you to grow
& change on the physical
but also the spiritual.
Specular hematite
Typical stone of Northern Aust, Nice shimmering efect on the surface of this speciman.
Reading: Strength & power, very male
stone. Can help to strengthen
your physical body.
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