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Wave stone (W.A)
Beautiful wave pattern in this strata rock from W.A, rare speciman.
Reading :Can create harmony with
peace loving thoughts. Can
calm emotions settling down
anger & arguing. Will bring
peace back to
a family.
Hylite (South Aust.)
Good example from the salt plains of South Australia, hard to find these specimans.
Reading :Clear thoughts, clear
impressions, can help to enable you to be clear & cleanse your thoughts so you can be clear & receptive.
Stone unique to Gympie Qld. Beautiful blue swirls in green base.
Reading : Stone connected to the heart
& expressing feelings of the
heart. Helps you to open up
so you can move forward
in your life
White agate (Tasmania)
Another unusual stone from Tas, Nicelly polished smooth speciman, hard to find these specimans.
Reading :Will help with strength of
character. Will help you to
establish boundaries with
people. Can help you to
relax & focus.
Selenite (Qld)
Beautiful, soft form of selenite unique to central coast Qld, Unusual shapes & good clarity.
Reading :Helps you when you need to release ideas. Helps to create new concepts. Stone of artistic ideas & new dimensions, clear thoughs.
Candlestick quartz with drusy
Another unusual & rare piece from Qld, very mystical feel & look to this large speciman.
Reading :Facilitator, able to help groups to achieve things people working together for the good of all. Good communication
Calcite cluster (Qld)
Beautiful soft cluster with sparkle, glows under ultravoilet light.
Reading :Warm stone can help you to feel open in
expressing yourself. Helps to raise issues within yourself that have been burried but need to be faced for your future growth.
Agate half (Qld)

Reading :Able to process & clear. Shift unwanted rubbish & move forward.
Petrified swamp (Nortern Terr.)
These unusual specimans are petrified swamp material from the Northern territory, rare example in slab form.
Reading: Good with processing thoughts. Helps you to sort through difficult issues so you can move forward.
Sprigsure labradolite (Qld)
Another example of the diverse range of crystals found in Aus. Golden form of Labrodolite naturally river tumbled.
Reading :Can help to keep calm & relaxed. Can help to reduce to many thoughts going through your head. Helps your mind to become receptive for psychic images, clears you so you can see. Will help you with psychic work where you need to focus.
Zebra stone (W.A.)
Great speciman, of this amazing, natural formation rock, one of the more famous rocks of Australia, now unfortunatly becoming increasingly scarse.
Reading:Strong energy stone of
revitalization. Can help when recovering from illness, will give you strength.
Orange calcite (Broken hill)
Another example of the great range of stones from the Broken hill region (N.S.W). Deep colour.
Reading : Connected to sexual
imbalance. Helps you to sort through issues to do with sexual problems.
Devils dice (Qld)
Another amazing example of what nature can produce. Natural cubed formations with naturally bevilled edges. Iron composite i think. Hard to sourse these specimans.
Reading :Helps with movement. Very physical, lots of movement, gets your muscles working &
moving, helps you to do more physical things. Helps with dance & movement.
Zircon (N.S.W)
Nice rich examples of zircon.
Reading :Helps to ground & stabilize you. Helps to stop negative thoughts coming in & sabotaging you
Eyrtyrite (Qld)
Beautiful metalic pink layers in this rare stone from Northern Aust.
Reading :Helps to support love in long term relationships. Can help you to see the benefits of being in a long term
partnership instead of
fearing it
Bored petrified wood (W.A)
Never come across anying like this before, rare & beautifully polished large piece from W.A.
Reading :Can help to master your own feelings by grounding & dealing with problems as they arise.
Red phantom cluster
Deep red colour in these phantom clusters from the Mt Isa region.
Reading: Good recovery crystal. Will give energy and help you to look positive on future days. Helps you to see a light at the end of the
tunnel with illness. Helps build strength makes you feel more positive.
Natrolite (S.A)
Another unusual speciman from S.A. Never seen this before, delicate speciman.
Reading :Creativity can be gained from this stone it has the ability to help you access
different realms of your imagination.
Molybdenite (Qld)
Molybdenite speciman from outback Qld, very soft, fan like shape.
Reading :Stimulates brain function helps memory & studying. Can help with any brain related trauma, to get things stimulated again. Can also help spine & central nervous system
Beutiful green crystal from S.A, Great depth & sparkle.
Reading: Spiritual growth & healing. Can help you to move through trauma. Helps to bring spiritual maturity & acceptance through love. Good for relaxation & sleep disorders. Helps to calm you and make you feel at peace.
Natrolite (Tas)
Nice speciman of natrolite crystals on base material from Tas.
Reading :Helps clear energy. Helps you to focus, good when you need to concentrate for study or work. Can help you to achieve a lot with
minimum of effort.
Green chalcedony
Rare speciman from the Agate creek region in North Qld. Unusual colour & nice sparkle.
Reading: Good stone for creative energy, helps imagination to flow more freely. Can help you to demonstrate your abilities.
Crocite (Tas)
Nice cluster of this amazingly red crystal from Tasmania.
Reading: Face your reality it is time for change. Helps you to move forward. Can penetrate through many layers of stubbornness to reach through to make a real difference.
Selenite rose (Redcliff Qld)
Beautifully shaped selenite formation from seaside location in Qld. This speciman rare due to its yellow tinge.
Reading: Can help you to process your emotions more effectively & move on. Helps you to stay grounded & use reason.
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