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Blue Green Calcite - The Mind Calmer
Frees & calms the mind
Softens nerves & tension
Communication, espicially in children
Soothes anger, worry & blame
Peace & trust
Helps ease changes
Soft healing for throat, burns, breathing,
arthritis, blood pressure
Ammonites (Madagasscar)
Helps with Past Life
connections with people. Able
to connect to past life problems
& correct things in this life.
Can persuade you to a better
way of understanding. Clears
blockages from long ago.
Working at the inner core self.
Agate (Redcliff Qld)
Unusual agate from the seaside suburb of Redcliff, quite hard to obtain.
Reading :Filters, through seeing what
really is. Can be used to
amplify third eye seeing.
Can also be used to
express emotions
Bamboo coral (Tasmania Aust.)
Nice speciman, only one left, trying to get more.
Reading :This coral will help you to let go of the past & move forward. Will help you to leave old feelings behind that donít benefit you & move forward for change.