Blue Green Calcite - The Mind Calmer

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Price: $40.00
Blue green Calcite has a soft ‘sea like’ healing energy that is about  calming & relaxation. It will calm the mind, help to reduce tension &  good for any nervous complaints. Soothes anger & worry, a stone of  peace & trust. Helps with communication especially in children - helps children to hold their own debates. Helps communicate your needs. Will help in letting go outdated ideas & accepting change. 

Its soft nature will help children in all of the above plus those who blame themselves, also for nightmares & calmness when travelling. Physically it is a better healing stone than most - It is excellent to  ease breathing, also for throat infections, lung & thyroid. Good gem essence. Good for pain relief & high blood pressure, burns, rashes, arthritis, healing bones, tendons & sports injuries.

Chakras : Throat & Heart   (Blue green, smooth to touch)