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Mind energy, helps to focus. Can help you to achieve & grow through working on the internal you. A stone of transformation helps you to connect with other realms more easily
Moss agate (N.S.W)
Nice example of the hard to get large moss agates from the Mt Jeruselem area of Northern N.S.W.
Reading :Emotions can become more balanced & stable with the help of this stone. It helps you to see things clearly & not over react.
Gypsum cluster (S.A)
Decent sized example of the type of gypsum found in the salt plains of Whyalla South Aust.
Reading : Can help with decision making. Helps you to get clear about what you want.
Calcite (N.S.W)

Reading :Helps you to see what is not clear to the eye but is there & needs to be seen so
problems can be resolved.
White calcite
Energy clearing, helps to shift negative away from yourself. helps you to be more clear with your emotions
Warmth, bright & sunny
Good gift of love
Protection, motivating & creative
Calming & soothing
Memory & intellect
Helps decision making
Connects you to nature
Consciousness & awareness
Peace & tranquility
Connects to higher realms
Thought & communication
Wholeness & healing
Breathing & bronchial
Celestite - Stone of Good Fortune
Peace & serenity
Spiritual awareness
Helps understand illness
Understanding relationships & people
Rids fear, worry & negativity
Good for dreams & channelling
Brings change & good fortune
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