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black obsidian (Springbrook Qld)
Naturally tumbled black obsidian from south east Qld volcanic region.
Reading: Old medicine man, helps when trying to protect land or object. Place an offering of this stone to protect places sacred to you. Can help to see things differently in
Galena & Cerusite (Morroco)
Helps ground you, will help with mental clarity. Can be useful in business.
Hylite (South Aust.)
Good example from the salt plains of South Australia, hard to find these specimans.
Reading :Clear thoughts, clear
impressions, can help to enable you to be clear & cleanse your thoughts so you can be clear & receptive.
White agate (Tasmania)
Another unusual stone from Tas, Nicelly polished smooth speciman, hard to find these specimans.
Reading :Will help with strength of
character. Will help you to
establish boundaries with
people. Can help you to
relax & focus.
Selenite (Qld)
Beautiful, soft form of selenite unique to central coast Qld, Unusual shapes & good clarity.
Reading :Helps you when you need to release ideas. Helps to create new concepts. Stone of artistic ideas & new dimensions, clear thoughs.
Petrified swamp (Nortern Terr.)
These unusual specimans are petrified swamp material from the Northern territory, rare example in slab form.
Reading: Good with processing thoughts. Helps you to sort through difficult issues so you can move forward.
Golden Topaz
Helps with clarity & decision making. Helps you to accept the choices you have made in your life and move on.
Green apopholite cluster
Helps you to understand & accept yourself. Will help you to love & value yourself. Helps you to see things more clearly.
Green apophyllite with stilbite &
Great support when getting new projects off the ground. Helps ground you & also helps with clarity on thoughts & ideas.
Tibetan Quartz Double Terminator
Pulsates feelings of strength. Can help to overcome obstacles big & small. Great strength & power. Can help you to experience
heaven on Earth.
Natrolite (Tas)
Nice speciman of natrolite crystals on base material from Tas.
Reading :Helps clear energy. Helps you to focus, good when you need to concentrate for study or work. Can help you to achieve a lot with
minimum of effort.
Quartz natural scepter points
The scepter has a natural ability to channel energy. Helps with movement of energy in a place or person
Quartz & hematite rose
Clarity in decisions. Able to make you focus your thoughts. Good for clearing arthritic pain.
Agate pyramid
Clearing & processing. The orange is to digest the information, the clear is to clear thoughts for a new look at old issues.
Quartz lemurian.
Clear thinking, clear seeing. Helps you to clear blockages so you can access the
information of the Universe
Pyromorhite cluster
Light cooling energy, helps to make you feel calm & serene. Helps balance mental clarity.
Celadonite phantom
Stone for nature magic. Grounded to earth can help you to feel secure while doing magic, can help you to ground & open yourself up. Can help you to keep focus.
Pearl quartz (Madagasscar)
Loving & relaxing able to calm the emotions & clear thoughts. Repels negativity. Very calming.
Be clear about what you want. Go for what you want to achieve. This crystal will support you through this process.
Quartz double terminator cluster
Helps you to sort through problems you have with other people in your life to bring some resolution. Helps you to look at the problems with a clear head so you can make better choices.
Quartz faden
Able to sort through issues to give more clarity. Helps you to sort through the
different layers of challenges you have set yourself & helps you to deal with them one at a time.
Calcite on Heulandite
Helps you to see situations more clearly. Can help you to make better decision for yourself.
Australian desert gypsum
This rare and unusual speciman comes from the desert regions of central Australia. Has amazing natural markings similar to the wind created formations on sand dunes. Great texture.
Reading :Helps you to complete tasks helps to keep your focus. To believe in yourself & your strengths.
Aqua aura
Is able to clear energy in your mind to calm you. So you can take on the next big project.
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