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Andalusite - The Facade Lifter
Helps strength of character
Lifts the mask you hide behind
Helps you admit to problems
Helps maturity & responsibility
Helps with strength & facing reality
Protective & brings luck
Reduces fever, good for immunity
Chrysocolla silica - Stone of the stars & universe
Realms outside of earth
Connections to stars & universe
Spreading message of love
Abundance through knowledge
Action & vitality
Peace & tranquility
Helps find likeminded people
Dreams, listening & motivation
Clear Calcite - The clear thinking stone
Clear thought & thinking
Helps with change & seeing future
Uplifting & pure
Frees blockages, pain & sorrow
For past or parallel life problems
Good detoxifier & crystal antiseptic
Helps with material gain
Desert Rose - Stone of understanding & compassion
Acceptance & compassion
Togetherness & community
Accepting new ideas, tolerance
Protection, family or personal
Stomach complaints
Love, peace & power
Quartz cluster
Broadens horizons & perspective
Heal fractures in other stones
Useful in cleaning large areas
Helps clear smaller stones
Opens ideas
Encourages open-mindedness
Chakra(s) - all
Pyrite cube (Spain)
Can deflect negative energies
& help you to have trust
in yourself. Can promote
mental clarity with
business dealings.
Gallena (Broken hill N.S.W)
Nice example of galena cluster from Broken Hill region.
Reading :Business transactions. Good for
business deals when acquiring
property, developments
& new building projects
Flourite cluster
Civilization stone. Builds a
solid foundation after pain
or suffering. Good for
business & community
building. Using the mind to
achieve a better lifestyle.
Petrified fern tree (Qld)
Approximately 250 million years old when qld was a temperate climate, this speciman has its front coated to highlight the trees strata rings.
Reading: Able to create firm foundation
for new projects. Very
steadying, helps when
creating new business to make
it secure & grounded.
Be there for the long haul.
Galena & Cerusite (Morroco)
Helps ground you, will help with mental clarity. Can be useful in business.
Green apophyllite with stilbite &
Great support when getting new projects off the ground. Helps ground you & also helps with clarity on thoughts & ideas.
Grossular garnet
Helps understanding, helps you to be able to express yourself and for others to understand you. Good for contracts and when trying to get a point across.
Fulgarite (When lightning hits sand)
These specimans are from natural lightning strikes on Northern N.S.W beaches.
Reading: New projects & energy for them. Helps you to get started and create new things.
Galena on Sphallerite
Stone can help to build solid foundations with new business projects.
Aqua aura
Is able to clear energy in your mind to calm you. So you can take on the next big project.
Limonite after pyrite
Rare specimans found by accident near a roadhouse in outback W.A. Nice cube clusters.
Reading :Determination, this stone will help you to see any project through to completion. Strong stone, very grounding
Bustamite N.S.W
Another unusual example of the diverse range of minerals found at the Broken Hill region of N.S.W.
Reading :This stone helps to build solid foundations. Whether it be a family, a relationship or a business. Helps you to feel stable & confident with your choices.
Chrysoprase - The Courage Stone
Courage to be yourself
Accepting ourselves
Communicating feelings
Protects against emotional attack
Empowers us to be courageous
Depression & sexual imbalance