Ulexite - The TV stone

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Ulexite is an unusual stone, they get the name “TV” because of its ability to draw up an image to its surface. Spiritually it works the same way. It will help you to see more clearly on what really happened in a given situation by  opening the third eye. It will help you to see what is not normally seen like a revelation. It can help to see into others, to read thoughts & evaluate words. It will help with interpretation of visions & dreams.

From this it will help clear your thoughts & emotions & will open a new path for you to start a new venture with a clear slate be it relationships or projects. Helps you to move on. It stimulates imagination & creativity in business. Ignoring the nickname ‘TV stone’, Ulexite is quite a powerful  tool. It is soft & relaxing but at the same time opening your third eye to your spiritual subconscious. Can also help eye disorders.

Chakras - Third Eye     (Milky white transparent)