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Ulexite - The TV stone
Clears thoughts & emotions
Clears paths, new ventures
Helps see problems through third eye
Interpretation of dreams & visions
Soft, meditation & relaxation
Helps see into others
Stimulates imagination & revelations
Uvarovite (Russia)
Purity of heart, helps you to forgive past heart breaks so you can move on & heal yourself.
Water opal (Qld)
Beautiful bubble like crystal, Quite rare.
Reading:Warm stone, carries through
gentle feelings of
understanding. Can make
life less fearful and more
caring. Enables you to care for
others and yourself. Can
make you feel as though
there is more purpose to your
life and that you deserve it.
Yellow lace agate
Good example of the intricate yellow lace agate found in Qld.
Reading :Helps with liver & digestion.
Also stomach, digestion &
elimination problems.
Wave stone (W.A)
Beautiful wave pattern in this strata rock from W.A, rare speciman.
Reading :Can create harmony with
peace loving thoughts. Can
calm emotions settling down
anger & arguing. Will bring
peace back to
a family.
White agate (Tasmania)
Another unusual stone from Tas, Nicelly polished smooth speciman, hard to find these specimans.
Reading :Will help with strength of
character. Will help you to
establish boundaries with
people. Can help you to
relax & focus.
Zebra stone (W.A.)
Great speciman, of this amazing, natural formation rock, one of the more famous rocks of Australia, now unfortunatly becoming increasingly scarse.
Reading:Strong energy stone of
revitalization. Can help when recovering from illness, will give you strength.
Zircon (N.S.W)
Nice rich examples of zircon.
Reading :Helps to ground & stabilize you. Helps to stop negative thoughts coming in & sabotaging you
A stone of magic & shamanism. Helps to protect when doing magic but also inspires us to develop more of our magical selves. A very magical stone
Strong earth male stone. Can help to balance. Then open you up to new possibilities.
Be clear about what you want. Go for what you want to achieve. This crystal will support you through this process.
Zebra agate (India)
Can help you to feel grounded & calm. Helps relieve tension headaches & over come stress &
depression. Allows you to filter your feelings when speaking to others to get your point across. Enables you to have clear channels to take in information.