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Blue Green Calcite - The Mind Calmer
Frees & calms the mind
Softens nerves & tension
Communication, espicially in children
Soothes anger, worry & blame
Peace & trust
Helps ease changes
Soft healing for throat, burns, breathing,
arthritis, blood pressure
Chrysocolla silica - Stone of the stars & universe
Realms outside of earth
Connections to stars & universe
Spreading message of love
Abundance through knowledge
Action & vitality
Peace & tranquility
Helps find likeminded people
Dreams, listening & motivation
Mexican blue agate
Beautiful stone of peace &
communication. Able to
restore balance in situations
where people are hostile
to each other.
Blue chalcedony (Qld)
Beautiful soft blue cluster, wish i could get more of this, great healing piece.
Reading :Good for relaxation &
communication. Helps to
penetrate through family
problems so that lines
of communication can
become more free.
Blue calcite
Soft feminine stone. Can help to stand up for ones self. Also good stone to help you to believe in yourself.
Candlestick quartz with drusy
Another unusual & rare piece from Qld, very mystical feel & look to this large speciman.
Reading :Facilitator, able to help groups to achieve things people working together for the good of all. Good communication
Mica with aquamarine
Removes ripples from strong relationships. Aquamarine calms things while Mica stabilizes.
Can help to repair relationships. Helps to communicate feelings in a peaceful way. Helps
develop levels of understanding. Physically helps breathing & heart.
Creates harmony, comes from places of turmoil. Peaceful stone full of wisdom. Can help when you need protection when you need to protect your feelings & emotions.
Can help with communication, will help you to over come obstacles, helps you to express yourself more easily. Will also help with concentration & holding information
An accumulation of negative energy will be swept away with this stone. Helps to create harmony.
Cavensite (India)
Helps to communicate & understand others. Can help you when you are trying to express yourself in all ways.
Blue chalcedony with quartz
Soft gentle stone very calming & grounding. May help with women wanting to conceive, helps to relax you so that fears are eliminated & pregnancy conceived.
Amazonite - Stone of the forests
Breathing and asthma
Chest & respiratory
Conservation of environment
Clears negativity
Accepting change for good
Self expression & confidence
Consciousness & awareness
Peace & tranquility
Connects to higher realms
Thought & communication
Wholeness & healing
Breathing & bronchial
Azurite - Stone of Psychic Development
Develops magical & psychic powers
Life's purpose, cosmic truth
Understanding fears for solutions
Unravels subconscious
Clear thinking & expression
Insight, intuition & inspiration
Breaks self limiting beliefs
Dreams, listening & motivation
Blue Smithsonite - Stone of Relaxation
Relieves tension & stress
Anxiety, obsessiveness & panic
Mental breakdown &
childhood trauma
Clears unwanted thoughts
Helps communicate feelings
Relationships & dreams
Birthing stone & good for babies
Angelic stone of love & peace
Celestite - Stone of Good Fortune
Peace & serenity
Spiritual awareness
Helps understand illness
Understanding relationships & people
Rids fear, worry & negativity
Good for dreams & channelling
Brings change & good fortune
Reading :A loving peaceful energy, good to put in a room when there has been an argument where tempers have got out of hand.