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Aragonite - The Wise Old Stone
Anchient stone, old growth forrests
Warming & energizing
Grounding, steady & calm
Stomach complaints
Good for overworkers
Anger & emotional stress
Conservation & geopathic stress
Aragonite - The Wise Old Stone
Anchient stone, old growth forrests
Warming & energizing
Grounding, steady & calm
Stomach complaints
Good for overworkers
Anger & emotional stress
Conservation & geopathic stress
Blue Green Calcite - The Mind Calmer
Frees & calms the mind
Softens nerves & tension
Communication, espicially in children
Soothes anger, worry & blame
Peace & trust
Helps ease changes
Soft healing for throat, burns, breathing,
arthritis, blood pressure
Stichtite - Self acceptance stone
Security warmth & love
At ease with yourself
Calming, gentle & soothing
Balances third eye
Helps develop your gifts at your pace
Helps see outcomes & possibilities
Soft on the skin
Ulexite - The TV stone
Clears thoughts & emotions
Clears paths, new ventures
Helps see problems through third eye
Interpretation of dreams & visions
Soft, meditation & relaxation
Helps see into others
Stimulates imagination & revelations
Spirit Quartz
Amethyst qualities but with
a deeper level of
understanding. Can put you
into deeper levels of
Prehnite (Collinsvale Qld)
This unusual form of Prehnite is unique to Collinsvale Qld and is becoming more scarse. Often it is found with sparkling quartz drusy.
Reading :Is able to restore balance
and harmony within a
relationship. Can draw out
negative to help you move
forward.Helps bring the dream
world to you. Mystical fairy
rock. Brings good luck.
This piece is from a personal collection, becoming harder to sourse.
Reading: Helps being care free.
Can give one a sense of peace
and is able to put your mind
at ease. Can help to achieve
balance. Can help when
meditating. Can settle stomach
& nerves
Stellerite (Tambar springs N.S.W)
Good example of Australian stellerite cluster from N.S.W.
Reading: Warm stone helps families
with children. Helps calm
emotions & create beautiful balance.
Helps children calm down.
Very calming.
Blue chalcedony (Qld)
Beautiful soft blue cluster, wish i could get more of this, great healing piece.
Reading :Good for relaxation &
communication. Helps to
penetrate through family
problems so that lines
of communication can
become more free.
Amythest flower
Spiritual awareness on a
higher level. Helps to get you
in touch with the spiritual more
quickly. Can help to develop
psychic gifts.
Mookalite (W.A)
From the same place in outback W.A where the more common Mookaite is from. Only ever seen a few examples of this type - more wavy pattern than the 'patchy' mookaite.
Reading: Free flow of information. Can help you when studying, to get information in. Helps to get calm.
A stone that creates
harmony. Perfect for a household full of tension. This stone will calm the mind & heart of all around it
Petrified wood (Wordoan Qld)
Ancient lookink petrified wood, natural smooth texture, black with some pink colouring.
Reading: Beautiful grounding stone,
helps you to connect with
the Earth. Helps people who
may live in the clouds to much
to bring them back to Earth.
Stabilises & calms.
White agate (Tasmania)
Another unusual stone from Tas, Nicelly polished smooth speciman, hard to find these specimans.
Reading :Will help with strength of
character. Will help you to
establish boundaries with
people. Can help you to
relax & focus.
Agate ball
Can create contented feelings. Steadying & peaceful can help you to relax & be yourself.
Sprigsure labradolite (Qld)
Another example of the diverse range of crystals found in Aus. Golden form of Labrodolite naturally river tumbled.
Reading :Can help to keep calm & relaxed. Can help to reduce to many thoughts going through your head. Helps your mind to become receptive for psychic images, clears you so you can see. Will help you with psychic work where you need to focus.
Prehnite cluster with apophyllite
Great stone to induce prophetic dreams. Helps you to access your third eye through dreaming.
Beutiful green crystal from S.A, Great depth & sparkle.
Reading: Spiritual growth & healing. Can help you to move through trauma. Helps to bring spiritual maturity & acceptance through love. Good for relaxation & sleep disorders. Helps to calm you and make you feel at peace.
Pyromorhite cluster
Light cooling energy, helps to make you feel calm & serene. Helps balance mental clarity.
Pearl quartz (Madagasscar)
Loving & relaxing able to calm the emotions & clear thoughts. Repels negativity. Very calming.
Zebra agate (India)
Can help you to feel grounded & calm. Helps relieve tension headaches & over come stress &
depression. Allows you to filter your feelings when speaking to others to get your point across. Enables you to have clear channels to take in information.
Prehnite cluster (India)
A wonderful dream creator can help you to have an interesting life with in your dreams. Promotes dream recall & peaceful dreams
Blue chacedony beings
Can help you to become calm & relaxed. Helps you to slow down & brings you back to earth. Can help you when you have over worked yourself, bring back balance.
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