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Red jasper & hematite
Typical Australian colours in this decent sized slab from Northern Territory.
Reading :Male energy, grounded & strong. Helps you to get things done, using your logic & creativity.
Mookalite (W.A)
From the same place in outback W.A where the more common Mookaite is from. Only ever seen a few examples of this type - more wavy pattern than the 'patchy' mookaite.
Reading: Free flow of information. Can help you when studying, to get information in. Helps to get calm.
Specular hematite
Typical stone of Northern Aust, Nice shimmering efect on the surface of this speciman.
Reading: Strength & power, very male
stone. Can help to strengthen
your physical body.
Petrified swamp (Nortern Terr.)
These unusual specimans are petrified swamp material from the Northern territory, rare example in slab form.
Reading: Good with processing thoughts. Helps you to sort through difficult issues so you can move forward.