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Brown Tourmaline - The Sun & Earth stone
Essence of Sun & Earth
Helps cultivating garden
Healing yourself
Sexual guilt & fears
Dysfunctional relationships/family
Encourages social behavior
Intestinal disorders
Garnet in quartz
Helps with deep feelings of sexual guilt. Helps to draw out the reasons behind it so you can move on & enjoy your sex life & your body without feeling guilty.
Orange calcite (Broken hill)
Another example of the great range of stones from the Broken hill region (N.S.W). Deep colour.
Reading : Connected to sexual
imbalance. Helps you to sort through issues to do with sexual problems.
Orange agate slice (Qld)
Another example of the very productive & diverse crystal from the Agate creek area of Northern Qld.
Reading:Sexually charged stone, helps you to enjoy sex, makes it feel nourishing like food. Helps you to accept your sexuality especially in men.
Black Tourmaline - The Protector
Protection from negative people, spirits or situations
Calms excessive emotions
Good in crisis or trauma
Good when moving or travelling
Debilitating or chronic disease
Sexual guilt/problems
Realigns physical body
Chrysoprase - The Courage Stone
Courage to be yourself
Accepting ourselves
Communicating feelings
Protects against emotional attack
Empowers us to be courageous
Depression & sexual imbalance