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Fulgarite (When lightning hits sand)
These specimans are from natural lightning strikes on Northern N.S.W beaches.
Reading: New projects & energy for them. Helps you to get started and create new things.
Quartz natural scepter points
The scepter has a natural ability to channel energy. Helps with movement of energy in a place or person
Quartz & hematite rose
Clarity in decisions. Able to make you focus your thoughts. Good for clearing arthritic pain.
Agate pyramid
Clearing & processing. The orange is to digest the information, the clear is to clear thoughts for a new look at old issues.
Quartz lemurian.
Clear thinking, clear seeing. Helps you to clear blockages so you can access the
information of the Universe
Creedite (Mexico)
Clears blockages, is able to give you energy to combat illness. Can help you to meditate to ground yourself & make you stable & well.
Amber with insects.
Helps you to connect more with the natural world. Helps to recharge batteries,
Flourite tule (Mexico)
This stone will help you to live and accept the city. Helps you when you have to work in a big city.
Celadonite phantom
Stone for nature magic. Grounded to earth can help you to feel secure while doing magic, can help you to ground & open yourself up. Can help you to keep focus.
Can help with feelings of envy. Helps you to love & accept yourself & others. Helps you to be rational & not stir things up when it comes from your own self doubt. Can help you when you are feeling emotionally threatened or low.
Will help you to ease the pain of accepting yourself, so you can get on & enjoy your life.
Creates harmony, comes from places of turmoil. Peaceful stone full of wisdom. Can help when you need protection when you need to protect your feelings & emotions.
Can help with communication, will help you to over come obstacles, helps you to express yourself more easily. Will also help with concentration & holding information
Quartz double terminator cluster
Helps you to sort through problems you have with other people in your life to bring some resolution. Helps you to look at the problems with a clear head so you can make better choices.
Quartz faden
Able to sort through issues to give more clarity. Helps you to sort through the
different layers of challenges you have set yourself & helps you to deal with them one at a time.
Yellow/green calcite
Balances stomach, digestion & any process of the
intestines. Will help draw out if placed in a position where needed. On emotional level will help to balance & bring you down to earth. Learn to trust more in instinct & carry through with projects.
Sulphur (bolivia)
Helps put things back in balance
& process things, not hang onto
unwanted emotions & habits
Helps you clear things
out for new growth.
Harlequin Quartz
Emotional release, enables you to connect with feelings of happiness & fun after a long period of depression.
An accumulation of negative energy will be swept away with this stone. Helps to create harmony.
Helps to maintain health on a physical level. Helps with strength & stamina. Helps when recovering from long term illness.
Green Kunzite (Hiddenite)
Soul therapy, helps with bringing love back into your heart after many life times of being hurt.
Ammonite fossil (Morrocco)
This stone is about change and accepting change. Helps to make the transition smoother.
Pink Kunzite
Peaceful, soul soother. Inables us warm feelings of love & forgiveness. Can enable us through trust to connect to past lives more easily & heal & forgive.
ourselves of the past
Purperite (Namibia)
Can achieve a greater sense of pride in yourself & your beliefs can help you to feel strong with your spiritual gifts, a magical stone.
Herkimer diamond (U.S.A)
Open your third eye to its full potential. Will help you to see what lies ahead.
Hemetite (Morrocco)
Can help you to overcome bouts of illness to do with the lower intestine all so helps the blood. Helps flow in life & gives you strength.
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