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Hylite (South Aust.)
Good example from the salt plains of South Australia, hard to find these specimans.
Reading :Clear thoughts, clear
impressions, can help to enable you to be clear & cleanse your thoughts so you can be clear & receptive.
Blue calcite
Soft feminine stone. Can help to stand up for ones self. Also good stone to help you to believe in yourself.
Selenite (Redcliff Qld)

Reading: Can help to clear paths. Good for new direction clearing old negative thought patterns with positive ones.
Agate ball
Can create contented feelings. Steadying & peaceful can help you to relax & be yourself.
Selenite (Qld)
Beautiful, soft form of selenite unique to central coast Qld, Unusual shapes & good clarity.
Reading :Helps you when you need to release ideas. Helps to create new concepts. Stone of artistic ideas & new dimensions, clear thoughs.
Candlestick quartz with drusy
Another unusual & rare piece from Qld, very mystical feel & look to this large speciman.
Reading :Facilitator, able to help groups to achieve things people working together for the good of all. Good communication
Calcite cluster (Qld)
Beautiful soft cluster with sparkle, glows under ultravoilet light.
Reading :Warm stone can help you to feel open in
expressing yourself. Helps to raise issues within yourself that have been burried but need to be faced for your future growth.
Agate half (Qld)

Reading :Able to process & clear. Shift unwanted rubbish & move forward.
Sprigsure labradolite (Qld)
Another example of the diverse range of crystals found in Aus. Golden form of Labrodolite naturally river tumbled.
Reading :Can help to keep calm & relaxed. Can help to reduce to many thoughts going through your head. Helps your mind to become receptive for psychic images, clears you so you can see. Will help you with psychic work where you need to focus.
Mica with aquamarine
Removes ripples from strong relationships. Aquamarine calms things while Mica stabilizes.
Can help to repair relationships. Helps to communicate feelings in a peaceful way. Helps
develop levels of understanding. Physically helps breathing & heart.
Bored petrified wood (W.A)
Never come across anying like this before, rare & beautifully polished large piece from W.A.
Reading :Can help to master your own feelings by grounding & dealing with problems as they arise.
Yellow calcite cluster
Helps when you need to process things through your body. Helps you to adjust in periods of change.
Natrolite (S.A)
Another unusual speciman from S.A. Never seen this before, delicate speciman.
Reading :Creativity can be gained from this stone it has the ability to help you access
different realms of your imagination.
Golden Topaz
Helps with clarity & decision making. Helps you to accept the choices you have made in your life and move on.
Malachite (fibrous)
Able to create harmony through love &
understanding. Can create balance through which you can understand others better & therefore yourself
Green apophyllite with stilbite &
Great support when getting new projects off the ground. Helps ground you & also helps with clarity on thoughts & ideas.
Prehnite cluster with apophyllite
Great stone to induce prophetic dreams. Helps you to access your third eye through dreaming.
Communication, helps to get things off your chest. Helps you also to forgive yourself of your feelings & to forgive others.bones
Grossular garnet
Helps understanding, helps you to be able to express yourself and for others to understand you. Good for contracts and when trying to get a point across.
Adamite (Mexico)
Self expression & being yourself. Helps you to follow your gut instincts on things to help you to be yourself. Helps stomach problems & digestion.
Tibetan Quartz Double Terminator
Pulsates feelings of strength. Can help to overcome obstacles big & small. Great strength & power. Can help you to experience
heaven on Earth.
Molybdenite (Qld)
Molybdenite speciman from outback Qld, very soft, fan like shape.
Reading :Stimulates brain function helps memory & studying. Can help with any brain related trauma, to get things stimulated again. Can also help spine & central nervous system
Beutiful green crystal from S.A, Great depth & sparkle.
Reading: Spiritual growth & healing. Can help you to move through trauma. Helps to bring spiritual maturity & acceptance through love. Good for relaxation & sleep disorders. Helps to calm you and make you feel at peace.
Uvarovite (Russia)
Purity of heart, helps you to forgive past heart breaks so you can move on & heal yourself.
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