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Fire opal (mexico)
Great shifts & changes this
stone can achieve. Helps support you through
uncertainty to make changes. Helps you stay feeling secure through change
Tibetan quartz double terminated
Pulsates feelings of strength. Can help to overcome obstacles big & small. Great strength & power. Can help you to experience
heaven on Earth.
Yellow quartz cluster
Can develop gut instincts,
knowing & seeing. Can relate
& help other stones to
help clear & balance.
Quartz twin
Helps to emerge as a person.
Creates harmony & balance.
Can create soul purpose
with soul partner.
Helps to open up third eye
potential. Can create shifts
when emotional balance is
needed. Helps you look
outwardly to see how others
are thinking & feeling.
Clear quartz cluster with phantoms
Great protection, calms anger, helps balance
feelings. Can help to protect you from angry people by deflecting it back to them.
Grounds aswell as opens you up in third eye region. Helps you to open yourself safely
Yellow apatite
Nice chunk showing crystaline structure of this particular type of apatite unique to West Aust.
Reading :Can help you to manifest change in your life by accepting it when it comes along. Helps you to digest information.
Needle calcite
Able to calm feelings of hurt & accept yourself for who you are. Helps you to
appreciate yourself
Travetine (Tas.)
Sliced specimans of Tasmanian travetine, intresting wave like pattern.
Reading :This stone has amazing healing qualities is able to help with any conditions
connected with stomach complaints.
Amythest flower
Spiritual awareness on a
higher level. Helps to get you
in touch with the spiritual more
quickly. Can help to develop
psychic gifts.
Mookalite (W.A)
From the same place in outback W.A where the more common Mookaite is from. Only ever seen a few examples of this type - more wavy pattern than the 'patchy' mookaite.
Reading: Free flow of information. Can help you when studying, to get information in. Helps to get calm.
Can help to protect us when
feelings of doubt creep into
our thoughts. Can help
to create harmony.
black obsidian (Springbrook Qld)
Naturally tumbled black obsidian from south east Qld volcanic region.
Reading: Old medicine man, helps when trying to protect land or object. Place an offering of this stone to protect places sacred to you. Can help to see things differently in
Yellow apatite (Mexico)
Can help to stimulate the digestive process. Is able to clear through unwanted blockages. Can help to achieve deeper emotional states of calm for it settles stomach & is able to relax you. Really good for people who have lots of nervous energy and are unable to eat much.
A stone that creates
harmony. Perfect for a household full of tension. This stone will calm the mind & heart of all around it
Ruby can help you to achieve what you want. It has the ability to break down barriers & obstacles to go after what you want. This stone will help you to really achieve your goals. Can also help when you are feeling trapped in a situation to help you make changes.
Mexican onyx

Can clear emotional
blockages & pain. Can help
to reduce stress. Helps to
clear paths for positive change
Peanut stone (W.A.)
Great stone from W.A, Aptly named & not common. Nice polished speciman.
Reading :Freedom, peace, tranquility.
Enables you to accept
change into your life. Can
help to promote acceptance
of new ideas & people
for your own growth.
copper (U.S.A)
Good for bone strength & processing. Helps movement & flow of the bodies energy
Galena & Cerusite (Morroco)
Helps ground you, will help with mental clarity. Can be useful in business.
Cloyna agate (Cloyna Qld)
Nice red agate unique to cloyna region Qld.
Reading: Helps to bring out personality
& be yourself. Can help you
to feel more confident &
able to communicate
with others.
Petrified wood (Wordoan Qld)
Ancient lookink petrified wood, natural smooth texture, black with some pink colouring.
Reading: Beautiful grounding stone,
helps you to connect with
the Earth. Helps people who
may live in the clouds to much
to bring them back to Earth.
Stabilises & calms.
Hematite roses
This stone will help you to achieve balance in your life. Keeps you grounded & able to keep yourself balanced on all parts of your life.
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