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Mexican blue agate
Beautiful stone of peace &
communication. Able to
restore balance in situations
where people are hostile
to each other.
Diopside with quartz
Makes us sort out true feelings
in matters of romantic love.
This stone gives us freedom to
explore the reality of our true
feelings & be true to ourselves.
Makes us aware of our
choices in love.
Dravite (Mt Isa Qld)
These unique looking black tourmaline clusters, very anchient looking & becoming more difficult to sourse.
Reading: Truth, clear thinking,clear seeing.
Powerful scrying tool. Can
develop psychic abilities. Can help
overcome fears related to
darkness. This stone is good for
bone structure especially the
spine & rib cage.
Axinite (Tasmania)
This unusual silver speciman is the onle one iv ever seen.
Reading: Male stone. Can replace
anger with intellect will help you
think through your problems.
Even though it is very male it
is very soft.
Drusy quartz
This speciman is from the Agate creek region of Northern Qld.
Reading: Small fairy catcher. Will help
you when connecting with
the fairy realm.
Very feminine.
Soft crystal that will ease
the journey of change.
Helps with transitions.
Thunder egg (Mt Tamborine)
Great example of the beutiful thunder eggs from the Mt Tamborine region of Southern Qld - look for the nature spirit inside.
Reading : Energy of the forest spirits.
Able to connect with
devic realm.
Selenite wand
Use as a wand, put in your
intent & purpose. You can use
theses wands to help with
cloud bursting, spells for rain.
Clears the mind ready for magical
work. Can clear spaces, create
harmony, warm stone.
Pyrite cube (Spain)
Can deflect negative energies
& help you to have trust
in yourself. Can promote
mental clarity with
business dealings.
Sulphur (Bolivia)

Helps put things back in balance
& process things, not hang onto
unwanted emotions & habits
Helps you clear things
out for new growth.
Gallena (Broken hill N.S.W)
Nice example of galena cluster from Broken Hill region.
Reading :Business transactions. Good for
business deals when acquiring
property, developments
& new building projects
Agate (Redcliff Qld)
Unusual agate from the seaside suburb of Redcliff, quite hard to obtain.
Reading :Filters, through seeing what
really is. Can be used to
amplify third eye seeing.
Can also be used to
express emotions
Red jasper & hematite
Typical Australian colours in this decent sized slab from Northern Territory.
Reading :Male energy, grounded & strong. Helps you to get things done, using your logic & creativity.
Quartz with tin (N.S.W)
This unusual large agate half has a speckled effect due to the tin. Havent seen this before.
Reading:Steadying, grounding stone but also helps with opening ones mind. Can help when just starting your search for answers regarding your own spirituality.
Flourite cluster
Civilization stone. Builds a
solid foundation after pain
or suffering. Good for
business & community
building. Using the mind to
achieve a better lifestyle.
Yellow green calcite
Balances stomach, digestion & any process of the
intestines. Will help draw out if placed in a position where needed. On emotional level will help to balance & bring you down to earth. Learn to trust more in instinct & carry through with projects
These specimans of epidote come from hartz ranges region of Northern Territory
Reading :Takes away prickly feelings
of rejection & resentment.
Can allow you to see more
clearly & feel more confident.
Can eliminate wasted emotion
to allow positive feelings to
come through.
Can help with feelings of envy. Helps you to love & accept yourself & others. Helps you to be rational & not stir things up when it comes from your own self doubt. Can help you when you are feeling emotionally threatened or low.
Will help you to ease the pain of accepting yourself, so you can get on & enjoy your life.
Brown tourmaline (W.A)
Amazing speciman, complete tourmaline piece terminated at both ends, traces of mica on sides, get one of these before they dissapear.
Reading :Can prepare you for
lifes road.Will help you to
keep going & find
what you want in life.
Garnet in quartz
Helps with deep feelings of sexual guilt. Helps to draw out the reasons behind it so you can move on & enjoy your sex life & your body without feeling guilty.
Petrified fern tree (Qld)
Approximately 250 million years old when qld was a temperate climate, this speciman has its front coated to highlight the trees strata rings.
Reading: Able to create firm foundation
for new projects. Very
steadying, helps when
creating new business to make
it secure & grounded.
Be there for the long haul.
Thunder egg (Mt Hay Qld)
Beautifully polished egg half from Mt hay region.
Reading: Forrest energy, relates to devas & earth spirits. Helps with communication to them.
Petrified wood (pentoxlyn)
Rare speciman from this extinct species. Unusual but distinct markings.
Reading: Ancient earth spirits is what this rock connects with. Ancient wood spirit magic.
Austrian crystals
Good for Feng Shui.
Enhances a room for
it breaks up sunlight to form
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