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Pink calcite N.S.W
Reading: Helps yo to connect with a higher realm in a gentle way. Good for when you want to connect with Angelic Realms
Pink Chalcedony N.S.W
Reading: Transition stone, good for moving from adulthood. From Maiden to Mother, from Mother to crone. Good for any change of life in females.
Pink flourite cluster (Mexico)
Peaceful loving stone helps you when your mind is telling you one thing about love & your heart another. Helps to balance love & take away the questioning of the mind
Porcelain agate
This beutiful pink agate is a less common form of agate from the agate creek region in northern Qld.
Reading:Can relate message of pureness
& clarity. Can develop clear
thought & seeing things through.
Has the ability to change
lives for the better.
Pyromorhite cluster
Light cooling energy, helps to make you feel calm & serene. Helps balance mental clarity.
Rainbow obsidian
Magical stone, can help you to develop your intuition, can also help to keep you grounded when doing this work.
Red phantom cluster
Deep red colour in these phantom clusters from the Mt Isa region.
Reading: Good recovery crystal. Will give energy and help you to look positive on future days. Helps you to see a light at the end of the
tunnel with illness. Helps build strength makes you feel more positive.
Ribbon stone (Qld)
Beautiful speciman of this unusual stone, well polished.
Reading:Helps people to create &
develop new possibilities in
their lives. Helps you to grow
& change on the physical
but also the spiritual.
Ribbon stone (Qld)
Beautiful example of this semi famous stone from Qld. Great polish showing characteristic swirl patterning. Nice large speciman
Reading :Come in contact with the wise one, will help you to develop your talents. Grounding & stable, enables you to see the wise one in yourself.
Ryalite thunder egg (Mt Hay Qld)
Very bold type of thunder egg from Mt Hay region stands out from the others.
Reading: Capable of great marvels.
Stone of love, peace &
forgiveness. Calms rough
waters of emotion helps to
stabilize people. Can help to
manifest perfection in yourself.
Shiva lingham
Helps when going on journeys. Can help you to
integrate change through absorption of life experience. Helps you to clear negative away. Can help you when you are preparing for a
spiritual change through study or travel. Will help you to interpret signs to help you in your life's journey.
Smokey Quartz double terminaters
These little gems are unique to Victoria, sharp points with good clarity.
Reading :Potent little talisman for
personal protection. Can open
your psychic ability.
Very potent.
Snakeskin agate - Stone of wholeness
Speaks of land that time forgot
Helps see the beauty of nature
Helps you get back to nature
We donít need possessions
Going with gut feelings
The Earth, animals & man
Specular hematite
Typical stone of Northern Aust, Nice shimmering efect on the surface of this speciman.
Reading: Strength & power, very male
stone. Can help to strengthen
your physical body.
Spirit Quartz
Amethyst qualities but with
a deeper level of
understanding. Can put you
into deeper levels of
Stellerite (Tambar springs N.S.W)
Good example of Australian stellerite cluster from N.S.W.
Reading: Warm stone helps families
with children. Helps calm
emotions & create beautiful balance.
Helps children calm down.
Very calming.
Stichtite - Self acceptance stone
Security warmth & love
At ease with yourself
Calming, gentle & soothing
Balances third eye
Helps develop your gifts at your pace
Helps see outcomes & possibilities
Soft on the skin
Sulphur (Italy)
Helps put things back in balance
& process things, not hang onto
unwanted emotions & habits
Helps you clear things
out for new growth.
Tin crystals (cassiterite)(N.S.W)
Nice sharp shine to these small but powerful tin crystal specimans from the Tigha region of northern N.S.W.
Reading :Heavy grounding stone good for when you have to be on guard & protected. Helps you to slow down & be aware of whatís around you
Thunder egg (Qld)
Reading :Creativity will blossom with the use of this stone. Helps to open imagination &
Thunder egg core (N.S.W)
Nice delicate & intact speciman of the inside of a thunder egg.
Reading: Will give you inspiration for new creative ideas, will help you to tap into that creative side in you.
Ulexite - The TV stone
Clears thoughts & emotions
Clears paths, new ventures
Helps see problems through third eye
Interpretation of dreams & visions
Soft, meditation & relaxation
Helps see into others
Stimulates imagination & revelations
Strong earth male stone. Can help to balance. Then open you up to new possibilities.
Water opal (Qld)
Beautiful bubble like crystal, Quite rare.
Reading:Warm stone, carries through
gentle feelings of
understanding. Can make
life less fearful and more
caring. Enables you to care for
others and yourself. Can
make you feel as though
there is more purpose to your
life and that you deserve it.
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