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Prehnite & Quartz

Reading :Helps you to create an emotionally peaceful place for yourself. Can help you to relax & feel contentment
Crazy lace agate (W.A)
Decent sized example of Australian lace agate from W.A. Hard to get this.
Reading :This stone helps you to develop your full potential. Helps you to express
yourself. Can help you when you need some direction. Helps to restore balance
Gypsum cluster (S.A)
Decent sized example of the type of gypsum found in the salt plains of Whyalla South Aust.
Reading : Can help with decision making. Helps you to get clear about what you want.
Quartz with graphite & chalcopyrite. (W.A)
Great collectors piece, great sparkle on both sides, one off speciman.
Reading :Helps with brain stimulation. Helps you to clear unwanted stuff & concentrate on what you need too.
Chalcedony eyes in basalt
Lovely example of this stone from the lost valley region of Northern N.S.W.
Reading :Helps to give you that feeling of contentment. Helps you to relax & look at what you should feel grateful for.
Lithium Quartz
This stone will help you to see more clearly through your third eye. Will open you up gently to your awakening.
Gypsum (S.A)

Reading :Female growth, for a big turning point in a woman’s life. Is able to help you to see all of the opportunities in front of you.
Orange agate slice (Qld)
Another example of the very productive & diverse crystal from the Agate creek area of Northern Qld.
Reading:Sexually charged stone, helps you to enjoy sex, makes it feel nourishing like food. Helps you to accept your sexuality especially in men.
Rutilated smokey quartz point (N.S.W)
Nice clarity to this natuaral point from Northern N.S.W.
Reading:Opens you up, helps you to work with your intuition more. Helps you to develop the magical side of you.
Spectrolite & zeolite (Qld)

Reading :Helps to repair broken relationships, will help you to sort problems & overcome them. Will help the relationship to continue to grow
Calcite (N.S.W)

Reading :Helps you to see what is not clear to the eye but is there & needs to be seen so
problems can be resolved.
Arogonite cluster (N.S.W)
Delicate example of aroginite from Barrina N.S.W
Reading :Mends bridges helps relationships with people. Can help you to accept your own fault in a situation & look at problems from all angles.
Fossilized wasp nest (S.A.)
Nice specimans from South Australia. Look like little dutch clogs.
Reading :Calming energy, soothing. Helps you to slow down nervous energy. Hold when you feel anxious.
Quartz on magnetite (Qld)
Unusual speciman, not pretty but intresting reading.
Reading:Male & Female stone enables you to be a more balanced person by combining emotion & logic more easily.
Blue chalcedony with quartz
Soft gentle stone very calming & grounding. May help with women wanting to conceive, helps to relax you so that fears are eliminated & pregnancy conceived.
Bustamite N.S.W
Another unusual example of the diverse range of minerals found at the Broken Hill region of N.S.W.
Reading :This stone helps to build solid foundations. Whether it be a family, a relationship or a business. Helps you to feel stable & confident with your choices.
Brown calcite cluster
Mind stimulation, helps you to keep going with a task, keep moving & keeps energy up.
Can help you when you are wanting to make a change in your life. Can help you to understand & identify when the change occurs & you can move forward.
Shaman stones (West Timor)
Not exactly Australia but close with this northern island neghbour.

Reading :Light stone, light radiates from these stones they are good for healers & anyone who does light work, to enhance their abilities &
create a much stronger experience for the one
getting healed.
White jade
Patience comes with this stone. Helps to understand situations & have insight into other peoples feelings.
White calcite
Energy clearing, helps to shift negative away from yourself. helps you to be more clear with your emotions
Warmth, bright & sunny
Good gift of love
Protection, motivating & creative
Calming & soothing
Memory & intellect
Helps decision making
Connects you to nature
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