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Prehnite cluster (India)
A wonderful dream creator can help you to have an interesting life with in your dreams. Promotes dream recall & peaceful dreams
Calcite on Heulandite
Helps you to see situations more clearly. Can help you to make better decision for yourself.
Selenite rose (Redcliff Qld)
Beautifully shaped selenite formation from seaside location in Qld. This speciman rare due to its yellow tinge.
Reading: Can help you to process your emotions more effectively & move on. Helps you to stay grounded & use reason.
Cavensite (India)
Helps to communicate & understand others. Can help you when you are trying to express yourself in all ways.
Galena on Sphallerite
Stone can help to build solid foundations with new business projects.
Pyrite concretion
Helps with brain development to aid in growth. Also good for bone structure.
Jade (Canada)
Strong stone of courage & power, gives you faith in yourself. Helps you to feel more confident.
Can help you to explore other realities. Can help you to unlock closed parts of your mind.
White quartz point (N.S.W)
Strong white quartz point from Kingsgate region in N.S.W. Less common speciman as Kingsgate is more renowned for its smokey quartz.
Reading :Energizer point can help with healing work to energize the practitioner. A holder of much information. Strong feminine knowledge.
Quartz twin
Brings couples together again when feeling that you have been living separate lives.
Black/brown Mica
Grounding & calming stone helps you to slow down will help you to relax & think freely without stressing yourself.
Pale yellow calcite on stillbite
Eases digestion, is able to help you to process things easily through your body whether it be food or emotions.
Clear calcite

Reading: Fear & protection, this stone will offer you the confidence in yourself to know that you can achieve things.
Brachiopod fossil shell Jurrasic 135+ million yrs Morroco
Used as adornment this stone will help you to feel more attractive helps to love & accept your appearance.
Barite (Redcliff Qld)
Another unusual selenite like formation, unusual shape, havent seen these before.
Reading :Can help you to dissolve away bitterness & seething anger, to create harmony in yourself. Will wear through layers of anger to find the real you inside.
Bamboo coral (Tasmania Aust.)
Nice speciman, only one left, trying to get more.
Reading :This coral will help you to let go of the past & move forward. Will help you to leave old feelings behind that donít benefit you & move forward for change.
Aqua aura
Is able to clear energy in your mind to calm you. So you can take on the next big project.
Strawberry garnet on matrix
Heart healer, garnet is wrapped up with emotions, is able to set our minds at ease & enable ourselves to be loved by others.
Mimetite (Mexico)
Helps with blockages, helps you to clear body of
unwanted waste & emotions, ready for new learning.
Base Chakra, good grounding stone. Also helps to connect to the universe. Helps you to connect while still keeping your feet on the ground.
Selenite roses (U.S.A)
Is able to give you strength good for bones & growth. Good for children after a break to help heal properly.
Mind energy, helps to focus. Can help you to achieve & grow through working on the internal you. A stone of transformation helps you to connect with other realms more easily
Graphite (W.A)
Great example of natural graphite from mine in Northern W.A. Great sheen & texture.
Reading:Good grounding energy good for mental activity. Very steadying, good to concentrate on things for long periods of time.
Angelsite (Morroco)
Sweeps away blocked energy, helps you to be where you want to be. Enables you to get to the next level by clearing the old.
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