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Brown Tourmaline - The Sun & Earth stone
Essence of Sun & Earth
Helps cultivating garden
Healing yourself
Sexual guilt & fears
Dysfunctional relationships/family
Encourages social behavior
Intestinal disorders
Candlestick Quartz - The Personal Goals Stone
Gently removes energy blocks
Seeing own strengths
Positive future
Stepping into life's challengers
Clear vision & thought
Wisdom & cosmic understanding
Eases fears & nightmares
Helps relationships
Diopside with Quartz - Stone of true feelings
Helps with romantic love
Shows our true feelings
True to ourselves
Feeling good about ourselves
Helps with difficult situations
Re-establishes strength in oneself
Helps calm pets
Olivine - The emotional pain killer
Clears emotional pain
Self love & confidence
Purity of thought
Not blaming others
Helps relationships
Protective & good luck
Healing physical pain
Ulexite - The TV stone
Clears thoughts & emotions
Clears paths, new ventures
Helps see problems through third eye
Interpretation of dreams & visions
Soft, meditation & relaxation
Helps see into others
Stimulates imagination & revelations
Spirit Quartz
Amethyst qualities but with
a deeper level of
understanding. Can put you
into deeper levels of
Prehnite (Collinsvale Qld)
This unusual form of Prehnite is unique to Collinsvale Qld and is becoming more scarse. Often it is found with sparkling quartz drusy.
Reading :Is able to restore balance
and harmony within a
relationship. Can draw out
negative to help you move
forward.Helps bring the dream
world to you. Mystical fairy
rock. Brings good luck.
Diopside with quartz
Makes us sort out true feelings
in matters of romantic love.
This stone gives us freedom to
explore the reality of our true
feelings & be true to ourselves.
Makes us aware of our
choices in love.
Quartz twin
Helps to emerge as a person.
Creates harmony & balance.
Can create soul purpose
with soul partner.
black obsidian (Springbrook Qld)
Naturally tumbled black obsidian from south east Qld volcanic region.
Reading: Old medicine man, helps when trying to protect land or object. Place an offering of this stone to protect places sacred to you. Can help to see things differently in
Wave stone (W.A)
Beautiful wave pattern in this strata rock from W.A, rare speciman.
Reading :Can create harmony with
peace loving thoughts. Can
calm emotions settling down
anger & arguing. Will bring
peace back to
a family.
Mica with aquamarine
Removes ripples from strong relationships. Aquamarine calms things while Mica stabilizes.
Can help to repair relationships. Helps to communicate feelings in a peaceful way. Helps
develop levels of understanding. Physically helps breathing & heart.
Eyrtyrite (Qld)
Beautiful metalic pink layers in this rare stone from Northern Aust.
Reading :Helps to support love in long term relationships. Can help you to see the benefits of being in a long term
partnership instead of
fearing it
Pink flourite cluster (Mexico)
Peaceful loving stone helps you when your mind is telling you one thing about love & your heart another. Helps to balance love & take away the questioning of the mind
Candle wax quartz
This stone is about being supported. It will help to draw people to you when you are feeling alone.
Green howlite
Stone of love & emotions, can soften your heart ready for new positive experiences. Can also help you to achieve what you want from these new relationships by helping you to love yourself.
Quartz double terminator cluster
Helps you to sort through problems you have with other people in your life to bring some resolution. Helps you to look at the problems with a clear head so you can make better choices.
Quartz twin
Brings couples together again when feeling that you have been living separate lives.
Strawberry garnet on matrix
Heart healer, garnet is wrapped up with emotions, is able to set our minds at ease & enable ourselves to be loved by others.
Spectrolite & zeolite (Qld)

Reading :Helps to repair broken relationships, will help you to sort problems & overcome them. Will help the relationship to continue to grow
Arogonite cluster (N.S.W)
Delicate example of aroginite from Barrina N.S.W
Reading :Mends bridges helps relationships with people. Can help you to accept your own fault in a situation & look at problems from all angles.
Bustamite N.S.W
Another unusual example of the diverse range of minerals found at the Broken Hill region of N.S.W.
Reading :This stone helps to build solid foundations. Whether it be a family, a relationship or a business. Helps you to feel stable & confident with your choices.
White jade
Patience comes with this stone. Helps to understand situations & have insight into other peoples feelings.
Warmth, bright & sunny
Good gift of love
Protection, motivating & creative
Calming & soothing
Memory & intellect
Helps decision making
Connects you to nature
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