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Petrified fern tree (Qld)
Approximately 250 million years old when qld was a temperate climate, this speciman has its front coated to highlight the trees strata rings.
Reading: Able to create firm foundation
for new projects. Very
steadying, helps when
creating new business to make
it secure & grounded.
Be there for the long haul.
Petrified wood (pentoxlyn)
Rare speciman from this extinct species. Unusual but distinct markings.
Reading: Ancient earth spirits is what this rock connects with. Ancient wood spirit magic.
Peanut stone (W.A.)
Great stone from W.A, Aptly named & not common. Nice polished speciman.
Reading :Freedom, peace, tranquility.
Enables you to accept
change into your life. Can
help to promote acceptance
of new ideas & people
for your own growth.
Petrified wood (Wordoan Qld)
Ancient lookink petrified wood, natural smooth texture, black with some pink colouring.
Reading: Beautiful grounding stone,
helps you to connect with
the Earth. Helps people who
may live in the clouds to much
to bring them back to Earth.
Stabilises & calms.
Petrified swamp (Nortern Terr.)
These unusual specimans are petrified swamp material from the Northern territory, rare example in slab form.
Reading: Good with processing thoughts. Helps you to sort through difficult issues so you can move forward.
Petrified wood (Qld)
All the attributes of wood
with much stronger base
connections. Medicine man
strong rock, ceremonial,
special rock.