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Aragonite - The Wise Old Stone
Anchient stone, old growth forrests
Warming & energizing
Grounding, steady & calm
Stomach complaints
Good for overworkers
Anger & emotional stress
Conservation & geopathic stress
Aragonite - The Wise Old Stone
Anchient stone, old growth forrests
Warming & energizing
Grounding, steady & calm
Stomach complaints
Good for overworkers
Anger & emotional stress
Conservation & geopathic stress
Elestial Quartz - Stone of spiritual balance
Emotional balance & clarity
Psychic ability & awareness
Communication with other realms
Revealing your purpose
Patience, love & understanding
Reawakening earth consciousness
Blood, circulation & addictions
Quartz cluster
Broadens horizons & perspective
Heal fractures in other stones
Useful in cleaning large areas
Helps clear smaller stones
Opens ideas
Encourages open-mindedness
Chakra(s) - all
This piece is from a personal collection, becoming harder to sourse.
Reading: Helps being care free.
Can give one a sense of peace
and is able to put your mind
at ease. Can help to achieve
balance. Can help when
meditating. Can settle stomach
& nerves
Flourite Natural octohedren
Can help with depression
& mind problems. Will enable
you to overcome fears and
move forward.
Axinite (Tasmania)
This unusual silver speciman is the onle one iv ever seen.
Reading: Male stone. Can replace
anger with intellect will help you
think through your problems.
Even though it is very male it
is very soft.
Pyrite cube (Spain)
Can deflect negative energies
& help you to have trust
in yourself. Can promote
mental clarity with
business dealings.
Flourite cluster
Civilization stone. Builds a
solid foundation after pain
or suffering. Good for
business & community
building. Using the mind to
achieve a better lifestyle.
Yellow apatite
Nice chunk showing crystaline structure of this particular type of apatite unique to West Aust.
Reading :Can help you to manifest change in your life by accepting it when it comes along. Helps you to digest information.
Mookalite (W.A)
From the same place in outback W.A where the more common Mookaite is from. Only ever seen a few examples of this type - more wavy pattern than the 'patchy' mookaite.
Reading: Free flow of information. Can help you when studying, to get information in. Helps to get calm.
Selenite (Qld)
Beautiful, soft form of selenite unique to central coast Qld, Unusual shapes & good clarity.
Reading :Helps you when you need to release ideas. Helps to create new concepts. Stone of artistic ideas & new dimensions, clear thoughs.
Molybdenite (Qld)
Molybdenite speciman from outback Qld, very soft, fan like shape.
Reading :Stimulates brain function helps memory & studying. Can help with any brain related trauma, to get things stimulated again. Can also help spine & central nervous system
Agate pyramid
Clearing & processing. The orange is to digest the information, the clear is to clear thoughts for a new look at old issues.
Flourite tule (Mexico)
This stone will help you to live and accept the city. Helps you when you have to work in a big city.
Creates harmony, comes from places of turmoil. Peaceful stone full of wisdom. Can help when you need protection when you need to protect your feelings & emotions.
Can help with communication, will help you to over come obstacles, helps you to express yourself more easily. Will also help with concentration & holding information
Pyrite concretion
Helps with brain development to aid in growth. Also good for bone structure.
Can help you to explore other realities. Can help you to unlock closed parts of your mind.
Mind energy, helps to focus. Can help you to achieve & grow through working on the internal you. A stone of transformation helps you to connect with other realms more easily
Graphite (W.A)
Great example of natural graphite from mine in Northern W.A. Great sheen & texture.
Reading:Good grounding energy good for mental activity. Very steadying, good to concentrate on things for long periods of time.
Quartz with graphite & chalcopyrite. (W.A)
Great collectors piece, great sparkle on both sides, one off speciman.
Reading :Helps with brain stimulation. Helps you to clear unwanted stuff & concentrate on what you need too.
Quartz on magnetite (Qld)
Unusual speciman, not pretty but intresting reading.
Reading:Male & Female stone enables you to be a more balanced person by combining emotion & logic more easily.
Brown calcite cluster
Mind stimulation, helps you to keep going with a task, keep moving & keeps energy up.