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Calcite clear with iron
Chunky speciman from Qld,with some chalcopyrite also. Looks a bit ugly but feels good.
Reading :Male form of this calcite.
Puts you in touch with
yourself. Helps you on
your creative path.
Jasper (Qld)
Very Australian form of jasper, mainly red with some green & yellow.
Reading:Male energy, earthy &
grounding but also playful
& artistic.
Axinite (Tasmania)
This unusual silver speciman is the onle one iv ever seen.
Reading: Male stone. Can replace
anger with intellect will help you
think through your problems.
Even though it is very male it
is very soft.
Red jasper & hematite
Typical Australian colours in this decent sized slab from Northern Territory.
Reading :Male energy, grounded & strong. Helps you to get things done, using your logic & creativity.
Specular hematite
Typical stone of Northern Aust, Nice shimmering efect on the surface of this speciman.
Reading: Strength & power, very male
stone. Can help to strengthen
your physical body.
Strong earth male stone. Can help to balance. Then open you up to new possibilities.
Orange agate slice (Qld)
Another example of the very productive & diverse crystal from the Agate creek area of Northern Qld.
Reading:Sexually charged stone, helps you to enjoy sex, makes it feel nourishing like food. Helps you to accept your sexuality especially in men.