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Blue Green Calcite - The Mind Calmer
Frees & calms the mind
Softens nerves & tension
Communication, espicially in children
Soothes anger, worry & blame
Peace & trust
Helps ease changes
Soft healing for throat, burns, breathing,
arthritis, blood pressure
Chrysocolla silica - Stone of the stars & universe
Realms outside of earth
Connections to stars & universe
Spreading message of love
Abundance through knowledge
Action & vitality
Peace & tranquility
Helps find likeminded people
Dreams, listening & motivation
Stichtite - Self acceptance stone
Security warmth & love
At ease with yourself
Calming, gentle & soothing
Balances third eye
Helps develop your gifts at your pace
Helps see outcomes & possibilities
Soft on the skin
Spirit Quartz
Amethyst qualities but with
a deeper level of
understanding. Can put you
into deeper levels of
Green apophyalite
Warm and loving stone
of the heart. Will enable
you to be accepting of others
by being accepting of
yourself. Makes you see
things more clearly
Gypsum (cooper pedy Qld)
This beautiful white/pink gypsum speciman is very uplifting and quite mesmorizing. Unusual dendric like structure on base.
Reading: Beautiful light feeling, freedom.
Connects with Angelic realms.
Stone of peace, love
& understanding will help
you to soar.
Natural citrine points
Communicates warmth love
& understanding. Is able to
communicate directly with
the heart to create inner
peace. Can enable us to
help each other with love.
Ryalite thunder egg (Mt Hay Qld)
Very bold type of thunder egg from Mt Hay region stands out from the others.
Reading: Capable of great marvels.
Stone of love, peace &
forgiveness. Calms rough
waters of emotion helps to
stabilize people. Can help to
manifest perfection in yourself.
Mexican blue agate
Beautiful stone of peace &
communication. Able to
restore balance in situations
where people are hostile
to each other.
Diopside with quartz
Makes us sort out true feelings
in matters of romantic love.
This stone gives us freedom to
explore the reality of our true
feelings & be true to ourselves.
Makes us aware of our
choices in love.
Amythest flower
Spiritual awareness on a
higher level. Helps to get you
in touch with the spiritual more
quickly. Can help to develop
psychic gifts.
A stone that creates
harmony. Perfect for a household full of tension. This stone will calm the mind & heart of all around it
Peanut stone (W.A.)
Great stone from W.A, Aptly named & not common. Nice polished speciman.
Reading :Freedom, peace, tranquility.
Enables you to accept
change into your life. Can
help to promote acceptance
of new ideas & people
for your own growth.
Wave stone (W.A)
Beautiful wave pattern in this strata rock from W.A, rare speciman.
Reading :Can create harmony with
peace loving thoughts. Can
calm emotions settling down
anger & arguing. Will bring
peace back to
a family.
Lithium flourite
Creates harmony, can reach out to make peace with others. Can create feelings of happiness & joy if they have been missing from your life. Will create a feeling of gentle ease & protection.
Pink flourite cluster (Mexico)
Peaceful loving stone helps you when your mind is telling you one thing about love & your heart another. Helps to balance love & take away the questioning of the mind
Malachite (fibrous)
Able to create harmony through love &
understanding. Can create balance through which you can understand others better & therefore yourself
Beutiful green crystal from S.A, Great depth & sparkle.
Reading: Spiritual growth & healing. Can help you to move through trauma. Helps to bring spiritual maturity & acceptance through love. Good for relaxation & sleep disorders. Helps to calm you and make you feel at peace.
Green howlite
Stone of love & emotions, can soften your heart ready for new positive experiences. Can also help you to achieve what you want from these new relationships by helping you to love yourself.
Pearl quartz (Madagasscar)
Loving & relaxing able to calm the emotions & clear thoughts. Repels negativity. Very calming.
Creates harmony, comes from places of turmoil. Peaceful stone full of wisdom. Can help when you need protection when you need to protect your feelings & emotions.
Can help with communication, will help you to over come obstacles, helps you to express yourself more easily. Will also help with concentration & holding information
An accumulation of negative energy will be swept away with this stone. Helps to create harmony.
Pink Kunzite
Peaceful, soul soother. Inables us warm feelings of love & forgiveness. Can enable us through trust to connect to past lives more easily & heal & forgive.
ourselves of the past
Pink calcite N.S.W
Reading: Helps yo to connect with a higher realm in a gentle way. Good for when you want to connect with Angelic Realms
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