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Indian ruby
Will help you with protection. Helps to keep jealous people at bay. Will help to deflect negativity. Helps passion for life.
Lithium flourite
Creates harmony, can reach out to make peace with others. Can create feelings of happiness & joy if they have been missing from your life. Will create a feeling of gentle ease & protection.
Mocci balls (Shaman stones)
Creates harmony in a space & also with people. Creates safe space ready for magic to begin. Will help to feel secure in your environment to help you to open yourself spiritually. Can take you to other realms within magic, helps to develop you ready for the next step.
Limonite after pyrite
Rare specimans found by accident near a roadhouse in outback W.A. Nice cube clusters.
Reading :Determination, this stone will help you to see any project through to completion. Strong stone, very grounding
Moss agate (N.S.W)
Nice example of the hard to get large moss agates from the Mt Jeruselem area of Northern N.S.W.
Reading :Emotions can become more balanced & stable with the help of this stone. It helps you to see things clearly & not over react.