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Blue Green Calcite - The Mind Calmer
Frees & calms the mind
Softens nerves & tension
Communication, espicially in children
Soothes anger, worry & blame
Peace & trust
Helps ease changes
Soft healing for throat, burns, breathing,
arthritis, blood pressure
Diopside with Quartz - Stone of true feelings
Helps with romantic love
Shows our true feelings
True to ourselves
Feeling good about ourselves
Helps with difficult situations
Re-establishes strength in oneself
Helps calm pets
Olivine - The emotional pain killer
Clears emotional pain
Self love & confidence
Purity of thought
Not blaming others
Helps relationships
Protective & good luck
Healing physical pain
Stichtite - Self acceptance stone
Security warmth & love
At ease with yourself
Calming, gentle & soothing
Balances third eye
Helps develop your gifts at your pace
Helps see outcomes & possibilities
Soft on the skin
Spirit Quartz
Amethyst qualities but with
a deeper level of
understanding. Can put you
into deeper levels of
Prehnite (Collinsvale Qld)
This unusual form of Prehnite is unique to Collinsvale Qld and is becoming more scarse. Often it is found with sparkling quartz drusy.
Reading :Is able to restore balance
and harmony within a
relationship. Can draw out
negative to help you move
forward.Helps bring the dream
world to you. Mystical fairy
rock. Brings good luck.
Green apophyalite
Warm and loving stone
of the heart. Will enable
you to be accepting of others
by being accepting of
yourself. Makes you see
things more clearly
Gypsum (cooper pedy Qld)
This beautiful white/pink gypsum speciman is very uplifting and quite mesmorizing. Unusual dendric like structure on base.
Reading: Beautiful light feeling, freedom.
Connects with Angelic realms.
Stone of peace, love
& understanding will help
you to soar.
Natural citrine points
Communicates warmth love
& understanding. Is able to
communicate directly with
the heart to create inner
peace. Can enable us to
help each other with love.
Porcelain agate
This beutiful pink agate is a less common form of agate from the agate creek region in northern Qld.
Reading:Can relate message of pureness
& clarity. Can develop clear
thought & seeing things through.
Has the ability to change
lives for the better.
Diopside with quartz
Makes us sort out true feelings
in matters of romantic love.
This stone gives us freedom to
explore the reality of our true
feelings & be true to ourselves.
Makes us aware of our
choices in love.
Flourite Natural octohedren
Can help with depression
& mind problems. Will enable
you to overcome fears and
move forward.
Thunder egg (Mt Tamborine)
Great example of the beutiful thunder eggs from the Mt Tamborine region of Southern Qld - look for the nature spirit inside.
Reading : Energy of the forest spirits.
Able to connect with
devic realm.
Green gypsum cluster. (South Aust)
This beautiful speciman is from a collection & is quite rare & very delicate.
Reading: Creativity. Helps you carry
through your plans.
Helps self confidence.
These specimans of epidote come from hartz ranges region of Northern Territory
Reading :Takes away prickly feelings
of rejection & resentment.
Can allow you to see more
clearly & feel more confident.
Can eliminate wasted emotion
to allow positive feelings to
come through.
Can help with feelings of envy. Helps you to love & accept yourself & others. Helps you to be rational & not stir things up when it comes from your own self doubt. Can help you when you are feeling emotionally threatened or low.
Will help you to ease the pain of accepting yourself, so you can get on & enjoy your life.
A stone that creates
harmony. Perfect for a household full of tension. This stone will calm the mind & heart of all around it
Stone unique to Gympie Qld. Beautiful blue swirls in green base.
Reading : Stone connected to the heart
& expressing feelings of the
heart. Helps you to open up
so you can move forward
in your life
Eyrtyrite (Qld)
Beautiful metalic pink layers in this rare stone from Northern Aust.
Reading :Helps to support love in long term relationships. Can help you to see the benefits of being in a long term
partnership instead of
fearing it
Pink flourite cluster (Mexico)
Peaceful loving stone helps you when your mind is telling you one thing about love & your heart another. Helps to balance love & take away the questioning of the mind
Green apopholite cluster
Helps you to understand & accept yourself. Will help you to love & value yourself. Helps you to see things more clearly.
Malachite (fibrous)
Able to create harmony through love &
understanding. Can create balance through which you can understand others better & therefore yourself
Green apophyllite with stilbite &
Great support when getting new projects off the ground. Helps ground you & also helps with clarity on thoughts & ideas.
Beutiful green crystal from S.A, Great depth & sparkle.
Reading: Spiritual growth & healing. Can help you to move through trauma. Helps to bring spiritual maturity & acceptance through love. Good for relaxation & sleep disorders. Helps to calm you and make you feel at peace.
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