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Ammonites (Madagasscar)
Helps with Past Life
connections with people. Able
to connect to past life problems
& correct things in this life.
Can persuade you to a better
way of understanding. Clears
blockages from long ago.
Working at the inner core self.
Orthocerus Morrocco
Can be used for protection and to give you strength. Will help you to tackle your
problems head on and get a good outcome. Good for bones.
Ammonite fossil (Morrocco)
This stone is about change and accepting change. Helps to make the transition smoother.
Brachiopod fossil shell Jurrasic 135+ million yrs Morroco
Used as adornment this stone will help you to feel more attractive helps to love & accept your appearance.
Fossilized wasp nest (S.A.)
Nice specimans from South Australia. Look like little dutch clogs.
Reading :Calming energy, soothing. Helps you to slow down nervous energy. Hold when you feel anxious.
Black ammonite (Peru)
Ammonite are about retrieval & recovery from past lives. Black Ammonites will help you on a deeper level of severe trauma.