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Candlestick Quartz - The Personal Goals Stone
Gently removes energy blocks
Seeing own strengths
Positive future
Stepping into life's challengers
Clear vision & thought
Wisdom & cosmic understanding
Eases fears & nightmares
Helps relationships
Opalized wood (Western Aust.)
Speciman from outback W.A. Becoming harder to sourse. Smooth texture and suprisingly light.
Reading: Female wood, able to be
used as a protective
stone for females.
Fiercely feminine.
Female strength & power
can break through obstacles
Porcelain agate
This beutiful pink agate is a less common form of agate from the agate creek region in northern Qld.
Reading:Can relate message of pureness
& clarity. Can develop clear
thought & seeing things through.
Has the ability to change
lives for the better.
Peach calcite
Will provide clear thought
& clear thinking with a
feminine feel. Can help you to
think before you speak
Drusy quartz
This speciman is from the Agate creek region of Northern Qld.
Reading: Small fairy catcher. Will help
you when connecting with
the fairy realm.
Very feminine.
Opalized wood tumbled
These are smaller specimans of the smooth opalized wood from northern W.A. Quite hard to find tumbled like this.
Reading: Strong earthy energy able to
be supportive in times of need.
Has a more feminine feeling.
Blue calcite
Soft feminine stone. Can help to stand up for ones self. Also good stone to help you to believe in yourself.
White quartz point (N.S.W)
Strong white quartz point from Kingsgate region in N.S.W. Less common speciman as Kingsgate is more renowned for its smokey quartz.
Reading :Energizer point can help with healing work to energize the practitioner. A holder of much information. Strong feminine knowledge.
Pink Chalcedony N.S.W
Reading: Transition stone, good for moving from adulthood. From Maiden to Mother, from Mother to crone. Good for any change of life in females.
Gypsum (S.A)

Reading :Female growth, for a big turning point in a woman’s life. Is able to help you to see all of the opportunities in front of you.
Blue chalcedony with quartz
Soft gentle stone very calming & grounding. May help with women wanting to conceive, helps to relax you so that fears are eliminated & pregnancy conceived.