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Elestial Quartz - Stone of spiritual balance
Emotional balance & clarity
Psychic ability & awareness
Communication with other realms
Revealing your purpose
Patience, love & understanding
Reawakening earth consciousness
Blood, circulation & addictions
These specimans of epidote come from hartz ranges region of Northern Territory
Reading :Takes away prickly feelings
of rejection & resentment.
Can allow you to see more
clearly & feel more confident.
Can eliminate wasted emotion
to allow positive feelings to
come through.
Eyrtyrite (Qld)
Beautiful metalic pink layers in this rare stone from Northern Aust.
Reading :Helps to support love in long term relationships. Can help you to see the benefits of being in a long term
partnership instead of
fearing it
Elestial quartz point
Journey stone will help you on your spiritual journey of learning can help you to integrate your spiritual side into your every day life. Can help to show you the way
Green apophyalite
Warm and loving stone
of the heart. Will enable
you to be accepting of others
by being accepting of
yourself. Makes you see
things more clearly
Gypsum (cooper pedy Qld)
This beautiful white/pink gypsum speciman is very uplifting and quite mesmorizing. Unusual dendric like structure on base.
Reading: Beautiful light feeling, freedom.
Connects with Angelic realms.
Stone of peace, love
& understanding will help
you to soar.
Flourite Natural octohedren
Can help with depression
& mind problems. Will enable
you to overcome fears and
move forward.
Green gypsum cluster. (South Aust)
This beautiful speciman is from a collection & is quite rare & very delicate.
Reading: Creativity. Helps you carry
through your plans.
Helps self confidence.
Gypsum (W.A)
Beautiful speciman from W.A, like most things from W.A, hard to obtain.
Reading:Clears pathways to new thinking.
Makes you able to achieve
things with people & groups.
Can help you to elaborate
on ideas you already have.
Honey calcite (Aust.)
Unusually shaped speciman, with good clarity on cleavage.
Reading: Good piece to use for focus,
good to be used as
Flourite tule (mexico)
This stone will help you to live & accept the city, helps when you have to work in a big city but not by choice.
Golden calcite
Helps with digestion. Also helps
you to look at the underlying cause of the problem. So you can deal with them & live your life again
Stone unique to Gympie Qld. Beautiful blue swirls in green base.
Reading : Stone connected to the heart
& expressing feelings of the
heart. Helps you to open up
so you can move forward
in your life
Green apopholite cluster
Helps you to understand & accept yourself. Will help you to love & value yourself. Helps you to see things more clearly.
Green chalcedony
Rare speciman from the Agate creek region in North Qld. Unusual colour & nice sparkle.
Reading: Good stone for creative energy, helps imagination to flow more freely. Can help you to demonstrate your abilities.
Green howlite
Stone of love & emotions, can soften your heart ready for new positive experiences. Can also help you to achieve what you want from these new relationships by helping you to love yourself.
Reading :A loving peaceful energy, good to put in a room when there has been an argument where tempers have got out of hand.
Green opalite (W.A)
This green form of moss opalite is a lot rarer than the more common white/yellow form from the same outback area of Western Aust. Stunning piece.
Reading :When coming to terms with loss this is a great heart softener. Can help reduce the pain of loss, restores faith back into your life so you can move forward.
Green Amethyst (Northern Territory)
This amazing speciman is of the rare type of amethyst that was once purple and has turned green from many thousands of years exposure to the sun. Only few examples remain from the huge expanse of the Hartz ranges in the Northern Territory.
Reading :Taking the next step with your spirituality, donít be afraid to express your views to others. It will help you to find like minded people.