Double terminated Quartz - The magical talisman

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Double terminators are a complete form of crystal that are like a  complete package of magical energy. They help imagination first & foremost. They will help see things more clearly & to think clearly. Because of this they are excellent to use for problem solving & decision making especially where career choices are concerned. Because they are complete, double terminators provide excellent protection. If you imagine them expanding & covering your whole body in a capsual, you will be protected from mental & physical harm. In this way they help maintain your energy shield & make an excellent protective talisman. 
Spiritually the clear thought & imagination that double terminators provide, mean that they are excellent for chanelling, meditation, dreaming & astral projection, telepathy & confidence in any spiritual work. The clearer variety are excellent in expelling negativity & protection from spirits & using in ritual. Lastly double terminators provide balance & harmony & are excellent for healing work clearing energy in or out from both ends.
Charkas - Crown (Clear quartz variety)