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Ulexite - The TV stone
Clears thoughts & emotions
Clears paths, new ventures
Helps see problems through third eye
Interpretation of dreams & visions
Soft, meditation & relaxation
Helps see into others
Stimulates imagination & revelations
Calcite clear with iron
Chunky speciman from Qld,with some chalcopyrite also. Looks a bit ugly but feels good.
Reading :Male form of this calcite.
Puts you in touch with
yourself. Helps you on
your creative path.
Jasper (Qld)
Very Australian form of jasper, mainly red with some green & yellow.
Reading:Male energy, earthy &
grounding but also playful
& artistic.
Banded jasper (Qld)
Another form of Australian jasper, mottled landscape effect.
Reading: Frees creativity. Calming effect.
Use with other information
holding stones to ‘free up’
information. Makes you able
to see clear purpose
of your being.
Green gypsum cluster. (South Aust)
This beautiful speciman is from a collection & is quite rare & very delicate.
Reading: Creativity. Helps you carry
through your plans.
Helps self confidence.
Red jasper & hematite
Typical Australian colours in this decent sized slab from Northern Territory.
Reading :Male energy, grounded & strong. Helps you to get things done, using your logic & creativity.
Agate creek agate (Qld)
Rich red agate half, common to agate creek North Qld, well polished.
Reading :Creative energy starter. Will help you to get going & start creative projects.
Ruby can help you to achieve what you want. It has the ability to break down barriers & obstacles to go after what you want. This stone will help you to really achieve your goals. Can also help when you are feeling trapped in a situation to help you make changes.
Selenite (Qld)
Beautiful, soft form of selenite unique to central coast Qld, Unusual shapes & good clarity.
Reading :Helps you when you need to release ideas. Helps to create new concepts. Stone of artistic ideas & new dimensions, clear thoughs.
Natrolite (S.A)
Another unusual speciman from S.A. Never seen this before, delicate speciman.
Reading :Creativity can be gained from this stone it has the ability to help you access
different realms of your imagination.
Fulgarite (When lightning hits sand)
These specimans are from natural lightning strikes on Northern N.S.W beaches.
Reading: New projects & energy for them. Helps you to get started and create new things.
Green chalcedony
Rare speciman from the Agate creek region in North Qld. Unusual colour & nice sparkle.
Reading: Good stone for creative energy, helps imagination to flow more freely. Can help you to demonstrate your abilities.
Thunder egg (Qld)
Reading :Creativity will blossom with the use of this stone. Helps to open imagination &
Thunder egg core (N.S.W)
Nice delicate & intact speciman of the inside of a thunder egg.
Reading: Will give you inspiration for new creative ideas, will help you to tap into that creative side in you.
Warmth, bright & sunny
Good gift of love
Protection, motivating & creative
Calming & soothing
Memory & intellect
Helps decision making
Connects you to nature
Aventurine - The Self Love Stone
Loving yourself
Emotional & physical scars
Skin complaints
New life paths & opportunities
Environmental pollution