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Blue Green Calcite - The Mind Calmer
Frees & calms the mind
Softens nerves & tension
Communication, espicially in children
Soothes anger, worry & blame
Peace & trust
Helps ease changes
Soft healing for throat, burns, breathing,
arthritis, blood pressure
Brown Tourmaline - The Sun & Earth stone
Essence of Sun & Earth
Helps cultivating garden
Healing yourself
Sexual guilt & fears
Dysfunctional relationships/family
Encourages social behavior
Intestinal disorders
Chrysocolla silica - Stone of the stars & universe
Realms outside of earth
Connections to stars & universe
Spreading message of love
Abundance through knowledge
Action & vitality
Peace & tranquility
Helps find likeminded people
Dreams, listening & motivation
Desert Rose - Stone of understanding & compassion
Acceptance & compassion
Togetherness & community
Accepting new ideas, tolerance
Protection, family or personal
Stomach complaints
Love, peace & power
Elestial Quartz - Stone of spiritual balance
Emotional balance & clarity
Psychic ability & awareness
Communication with other realms
Revealing your purpose
Patience, love & understanding
Reawakening earth consciousness
Blood, circulation & addictions
Quartz cluster
Broadens horizons & perspective
Heal fractures in other stones
Useful in cleaning large areas
Helps clear smaller stones
Opens ideas
Encourages open-mindedness
Chakra(s) - all
Mexican blue agate
Beautiful stone of peace &
communication. Able to
restore balance in situations
where people are hostile
to each other.
Gypsum (W.A)
Beautiful speciman from W.A, like most things from W.A, hard to obtain.
Reading:Clears pathways to new thinking.
Makes you able to achieve
things with people & groups.
Can help you to elaborate
on ideas you already have.
Flourite cluster
Civilization stone. Builds a
solid foundation after pain
or suffering. Good for
business & community
building. Using the mind to
achieve a better lifestyle.
Blue chalcedony (Qld)
Beautiful soft blue cluster, wish i could get more of this, great healing piece.
Reading :Good for relaxation &
communication. Helps to
penetrate through family
problems so that lines
of communication can
become more free.
A stone that creates
harmony. Perfect for a household full of tension. This stone will calm the mind & heart of all around it
Flourite tule (mexico)
This stone will help you to live & accept the city, helps when you have to work in a big city but not by choice.
Peanut stone (W.A.)
Great stone from W.A, Aptly named & not common. Nice polished speciman.
Reading :Freedom, peace, tranquility.
Enables you to accept
change into your life. Can
help to promote acceptance
of new ideas & people
for your own growth.
Cloyna agate (Cloyna Qld)
Nice red agate unique to cloyna region Qld.
Reading: Helps to bring out personality
& be yourself. Can help you
to feel more confident &
able to communicate
with others.
Stone unique to Gympie Qld. Beautiful blue swirls in green base.
Reading : Stone connected to the heart
& expressing feelings of the
heart. Helps you to open up
so you can move forward
in your life
Blue calcite
Soft feminine stone. Can help to stand up for ones self. Also good stone to help you to believe in yourself.
Candlestick quartz with drusy
Another unusual & rare piece from Qld, very mystical feel & look to this large speciman.
Reading :Facilitator, able to help groups to achieve things people working together for the good of all. Good communication
Mica with aquamarine
Removes ripples from strong relationships. Aquamarine calms things while Mica stabilizes.
Can help to repair relationships. Helps to communicate feelings in a peaceful way. Helps
develop levels of understanding. Physically helps breathing & heart.
Communication, helps to get things off your chest. Helps you also to forgive yourself of your feelings & to forgive others.bones
Grossular garnet
Helps understanding, helps you to be able to express yourself and for others to understand you. Good for contracts and when trying to get a point across.
Candle wax quartz
This stone is about being supported. It will help to draw people to you when you are feeling alone.
Mocci balls (Shaman stones)
Creates harmony in a space & also with people. Creates safe space ready for magic to begin. Will help to feel secure in your environment to help you to open yourself spiritually. Can take you to other realms within magic, helps to develop you ready for the next step.
Creates harmony, comes from places of turmoil. Peaceful stone full of wisdom. Can help when you need protection when you need to protect your feelings & emotions.
Can help with communication, will help you to over come obstacles, helps you to express yourself more easily. Will also help with concentration & holding information
Zebra agate (India)
Can help you to feel grounded & calm. Helps relieve tension headaches & over come stress &
depression. Allows you to filter your feelings when speaking to others to get your point across. Enables you to have clear channels to take in information.
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