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Spirit Quartz
Amethyst qualities but with
a deeper level of
understanding. Can put you
into deeper levels of
Quartz cluster
Broadens horizons & perspective
Heal fractures in other stones
Useful in cleaning large areas
Helps clear smaller stones
Opens ideas
Encourages open-mindedness
Chakra(s) - all
Prehnite (Collinsvale Qld)
This unusual form of Prehnite is unique to Collinsvale Qld and is becoming more scarse. Often it is found with sparkling quartz drusy.
Reading :Is able to restore balance
and harmony within a
relationship. Can draw out
negative to help you move
forward.Helps bring the dream
world to you. Mystical fairy
rock. Brings good luck.
Green apophyalite
Warm and loving stone
of the heart. Will enable
you to be accepting of others
by being accepting of
yourself. Makes you see
things more clearly
Selenite yellow
Able to clear unwanted
upsets & steady us. Vibration
is calming & soothing. Able
to clear negative blocks.
Builds strength of character.
Quartz with iron
Strong quartz cluster with red tinge common to the Mt Isa region of northern Qld.
Reading: Clears meridians, clears
pathways. Good for arthritis,
muscle & joint problems.
Letting go of past resentments,
getting on with life.
Dravite (Mt Isa Qld)
These unique looking black tourmaline clusters, very anchient looking & becoming more difficult to sourse.
Reading: Truth, clear thinking,clear seeing.
Powerful scrying tool. Can
develop psychic abilities. Can help
overcome fears related to
darkness. This stone is good for
bone structure especially the
spine & rib cage.
White/clear selenite (Natrolite) (Bolton Vic.)
Beautiful pure flower shaped crystal from mountain region of Victoria.
Reading: Processing, clear thought
makes you make decisions on
things that have been
haunting you for a long time
Flourite cluster
Civilization stone. Builds a
solid foundation after pain
or suffering. Good for
business & community
building. Using the mind to
achieve a better lifestyle.
Blue chalcedony (Qld)
Beautiful soft blue cluster, wish i could get more of this, great healing piece.
Reading :Good for relaxation &
communication. Helps to
penetrate through family
problems so that lines
of communication can
become more free.
Yellow quartz cluster
Can develop gut instincts,
knowing & seeing. Can relate
& help other stones to
help clear & balance.
Clear quartz cluster with phantoms
Great protection, calms anger, helps balance
feelings. Can help to protect you from angry people by deflecting it back to them.
Needle calcite
Able to calm feelings of hurt & accept yourself for who you are. Helps you to
appreciate yourself
Flourite tule (mexico)
This stone will help you to live & accept the city, helps when you have to work in a big city but not by choice.
Hylite (South Aust.)
Good example from the salt plains of South Australia, hard to find these specimans.
Reading :Clear thoughts, clear
impressions, can help to enable you to be clear & cleanse your thoughts so you can be clear & receptive.
Calcite cluster (Qld)
Beautiful soft cluster with sparkle, glows under ultravoilet light.
Reading :Warm stone can help you to feel open in
expressing yourself. Helps to raise issues within yourself that have been burried but need to be faced for your future growth.
Red phantom cluster
Deep red colour in these phantom clusters from the Mt Isa region.
Reading: Good recovery crystal. Will give energy and help you to look positive on future days. Helps you to see a light at the end of the
tunnel with illness. Helps build strength makes you feel more positive.
Yellow calcite cluster
Helps when you need to process things through your body. Helps you to adjust in periods of change.
Pink flourite cluster (Mexico)
Peaceful loving stone helps you when your mind is telling you one thing about love & your heart another. Helps to balance love & take away the questioning of the mind
Green apopholite cluster
Helps you to understand & accept yourself. Will help you to love & value yourself. Helps you to see things more clearly.
Quartz double terminator cluster
Helps you to sort through problems you have with other people in your life to bring some resolution. Helps you to look at the problems with a clear head so you can make better choices.
Crocite (Tas)
Nice cluster of this amazingly red crystal from Tasmania.
Reading: Face your reality it is time for change. Helps you to move forward. Can penetrate through many layers of stubbornness to reach through to make a real difference.
Black quartz with drusy (N.S.W)
Good collectors speciman, extremely dark smokey cluster, half covered by beautifully sparkling drusy. (From Kingsgate region northwern New South Wales)
Reading :Helps you to see more, can be used to help scrying. Magical stone, will help you to be more receptive.
Green Amethyst (Northern Territory)
This amazing speciman is of the rare type of amethyst that was once purple and has turned green from many thousands of years exposure to the sun. Only few examples remain from the huge expanse of the Hartz ranges in the Northern Territory.
Reading :Taking the next step with your spirituality, donít be afraid to express your views to others. It will help you to find like minded people.
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