Chrysocolla - Mother Earth Stone

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Emotionally Chrysocolla helps you stay true to yourself. Clears debris, blockages & distractions & makes the path clear for change & staying on track. Helps you manage your time and make the most of it. It is a calming stone, cooling, feminine, nurturing & very powerful. Helps with relaxation, tranquility & balance, eases pressure & guilt feelings.

Physically it is a powerful body cleanser helping breathing, arthritis, liver, kidneys, ulcers, digestion & female disorders. Very good for lymph glands. Recommended to hold during the birth process. -Spiritually it connects with mother earth energy & will help you see the exquisite beauty the earth holds. Its power will help disperse negativity in homes, work places, relationships & the earth - good feng-shui crystal & powerful earth healer. It can help with group work & helps with harmony, sharing & resolutions. Increases ability to love & understand others & to find abundance not in the material but through inner searching.

Chakras : throat & heart, stomach (Deep shades of blue & green)