Chiastolite - Stone of Re-alignment

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Chiastolite is a very interesting stone. It is firstly a stone of re-alignment. It connects with rationality & grounding. It will help you to adjust quickly to new situations & re-align. This makes it good for transition & change. It will help the memory in the process & help with problem solving & decision making. From this it will help you to find freedom & harmony in your life.

Emotionally it dissolves illusion, calms fears & negative thoughts. It will stop us being a martyr. Spiritually it is good when connecting with the ‘other side’ with those who have passed on. It helps us to understand immortality & is linked to death & rebirth. It will help with out of body journeys. It is a gateway to understanding mysteries & mysterious events. Physically it helps blood flow & repair chromosomes - helps realign immune system. Lastly it has been used for many centuries as a protective stone against ill thoughts & curses. It has been used in medicine healing ceremonies.

Chakras: Stomach & base (Brown with black cross)