Charoite - Spiritual healing stone

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Charoite is a beautiful purple/black stone unique to the Charo river in Siberia. The black helps ground you whilst the purple opens your third eye. This combination enables you to break down blockages from past life trauma. To overcome deep fears & cast out personal demons that are in the way of progress.

It will show you that there are more important things out there to do with the spiritual, rather than focusing on sin, guilt, shame, fear or religious/cultural conditioning. Hence it will help you with life's purpose. A stone about love, devotion, intuition, truth & one's purpose.

Also very calming- to help with transition & letting go of outdated relationships. Helps open yourself on many levels, emotionally, spiritually & intuitively. Will help recognize synchronicities & psychic abilities - great for meditation - 'hold me & listen'.

Will help spontaneity in life. Excellent for healers to stop burnout. It will help with protection, it is good in emergencies - very calming & soothing against psychic attack & bad dreams - good for children. It will also help overcome compulsions & obsessiveness.
Chakras : third eye, heart, base, stomach & crown (purple/lavender swirls in black & white)