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Soft crystal that will ease
the journey of change.
Helps with transitions.
Fire opal (mexico)
Great shifts & changes this
stone can achieve. Helps support you through
uncertainty to make changes. Helps you stay feeling secure through change
Yellow apatite
Nice chunk showing crystaline structure of this particular type of apatite unique to West Aust.
Reading :Can help you to manifest change in your life by accepting it when it comes along. Helps you to digest information.
Ruby can help you to achieve what you want. It has the ability to break down barriers & obstacles to go after what you want. This stone will help you to really achieve your goals. Can also help when you are feeling trapped in a situation to help you make changes.
Mexican onyx

Can clear emotional
blockages & pain. Can help
to reduce stress. Helps to
clear paths for positive change
Peanut stone (W.A.)
Great stone from W.A, Aptly named & not common. Nice polished speciman.
Reading :Freedom, peace, tranquility.
Enables you to accept
change into your life. Can
help to promote acceptance
of new ideas & people
for your own growth.
Ribbon stone (Qld)
Beautiful speciman of this unusual stone, well polished.
Reading:Helps people to create &
develop new possibilities in
their lives. Helps you to grow
& change on the physical
but also the spiritual.
Selenite (Redcliff Qld)

Reading: Can help to clear paths. Good for new direction clearing old negative thought patterns with positive ones.
Petrified swamp (Nortern Terr.)
These unusual specimans are petrified swamp material from the Northern territory, rare example in slab form.
Reading: Good with processing thoughts. Helps you to sort through difficult issues so you can move forward.
Yellow calcite cluster
Helps when you need to process things through your body. Helps you to adjust in periods of change.
Crocite (Tas)
Nice cluster of this amazingly red crystal from Tasmania.
Reading: Face your reality it is time for change. Helps you to move forward. Can penetrate through many layers of stubbornness to reach through to make a real difference.
Shiva lingham
Helps when going on journeys. Can help you to
integrate change through absorption of life experience. Helps you to clear negative away. Can help you when you are preparing for a
spiritual change through study or travel. Will help you to interpret signs to help you in your life's journey.
Ammonite fossil (Morrocco)
This stone is about change and accepting change. Helps to make the transition smoother.
Azeztulite (U.S.A)
Atlantian, has been used in Atlantian times this time to help create & nurture the planet more. Helps create amazing change can help you to develop at a more rapid pace.
Pink Chalcedony N.S.W
Reading: Transition stone, good for moving from adulthood. From Maiden to Mother, from Mother to crone. Good for any change of life in females.
Bamboo coral (Tasmania Aust.)
Nice speciman, only one left, trying to get more.
Reading :This coral will help you to let go of the past & move forward. Will help you to leave old feelings behind that donít benefit you & move forward for change.
Mind energy, helps to focus. Can help you to achieve & grow through working on the internal you. A stone of transformation helps you to connect with other realms more easily
Angelsite (Morroco)
Sweeps away blocked energy, helps you to be where you want to be. Enables you to get to the next level by clearing the old.
Can help you when you are wanting to make a change in your life. Can help you to understand & identify when the change occurs & you can move forward.
Celestite - Stone of Good Fortune
Peace & serenity
Spiritual awareness
Helps understand illness
Understanding relationships & people
Rids fear, worry & negativity
Good for dreams & channelling
Brings change & good fortune