Bronzite - Stone of Self Esteem

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Bronzite has a similar sheen to tiger eye & so possesses similar qualities. Like tiger eye, Bronzite will help promote your self esteem. It does this a number of ways. It will help you in being more certain & decisive. It will help you to overcome negative feelings such as bitterness & move on. It can help you to stop blaming others - such as in extreme cases of mental illness where the patient blames their illness on another party such as a relative. It will help to move on, forgive & accept yourself. For this reason it is good for any mental issues.

Spiritually the shimmering effect of this stone will allow clear thought process & enable you to think things ahead & "see" the results of what you are planning & so again is excellent for decision making & self esteem. Physically it helps vigor & regeneration from exhaustion. Helps overcome liver complaints.

Charkas stomach, sacral & base   (brown with gold flecks)