Blue Tiger Eye - The Friendship Stone

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Blue Tiger eye is a combination related to throat, stomach, base & third eye chakras. Tiger eyes are about sun & earth energy & so the blue in this one will give you energy in communication - useful in friendships & healing rifts. Also good in social situations & groups. The hint of gold helps with strength of character & confidence.

Also helps with depression, phobias & inhibitions. Good for those not happy with their lot & who blame others. The strength & confidence in this stone help with issues of discipline & concentration - esp. in children.

The cats eye effect can help clairvoyant ability & in diagnosis. Physically the energy in this stone will help those who find it difficult to exercise. 

All Tiger Eyes are good for wealth, abundance & prosperity & also a sense of security & protection.

Chakras : Throat Base Stomach & third Eye (Dark blue gold stripes )